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How to Advertise Your Beauty Business on Social Media

How to Advertise Your Beauty Business on Social Media

Take your advertising to the next level by learning how to promote your beauty business on social media.

Congrats! You are ready to start your dream job — a beauty business.

There are a lot of steps that go into a successful business. And, one of those steps is utilizing social media to promote your company. In this guide, you will learn how to advertise your beauty business on social media.

Be on Multiple Platforms

As a beauty professional, social media will be your friend, especially if you don’t have a stand-alone store. Your social media pages are where your clients and potential clients can see your business, reviews, posts, specials, website, number, and more. For any business to gain even more customers, utilizing multiple social media pages will help increase traffic. The best social media platforms for beauty professionals include Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. MOBILESTYLES can also help you gain more traffic. Contact us today for more information!

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Post Daily

Posting daily on social media about your business can help keep your existing and potential followers interested. You can post about anything relevant to your brand, whether it is your products, services, before and after shots, specials, and more. Many customers also enjoy when you engage in national holidays like National Lipstick Day or National Margarita Day. To find these national holidays, check out the National Day Calendar. Also, remember to keep your posts engaging.

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Have Engaging Posts, Content, & Copy

Social media is all about engaging followers. All brands or businesses want people to engage followers through reacting, commenting, or clicking on a call to action. Every time you post on social media, you want to have content (copy, images, videos, and graphics) that keep the customers wanting more. Many businesses do polls, memes, contests, and hashtags to keep their followers and customers interested. For your beauty business, you are going to want to play around with different ways to engage people; however, polls, videos, and contests do well for beauty professionals.

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Show Specials, Deals, & Discounts

You can’t forget to promote the specials, deals, or discounts you may have going on. Showing special events or promotions can increase customer or client traffic on your website as well as your social media pages. A simple post explaining the deal going on will drive traffic. You also can boost the post, but many businesses see increased traffic without having to spend extra advertising money.

Show Reviews

Customers love seeing other shoppers' opinions. Businesses that include reviews see a 62% boost in their revenues. Reviews help potential customers understand how you treat others, your costs, your outcomes, and if it is worth people paying for your services or products. As a beauty business, you are going to want to have reviews that include not only written copy but photos or videos as well. The beauty industry is a very visual area that customers have to see to believe it. You can even incorporate reviews as social media posts. Social media platforms like Facebook have reviews included for business pages. You can also take one step further by opening a Google My Business account where you can reach even more customers through Google. Google My Business also houses Google reviews.

These are just a few ways to advertise your beauty business. We also can help you promote your services. Contact MOBILESTYLES at today to learn how we can increase your bookings!


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