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7 Benefits from Not Wearing a Bra

7 Benefits from Not Wearing a Bra

Are you ready to say goodbye to your bra? If so, here are seven benefits of not wearing a bra. 

From corsets to bras, women's undergarments have been around to constrict our chests, waists, and even breathing.

The first bra was invented in 1889 when a French designer split a corset into two pieces with the top section having straps to hold up a woman’s breasts. By 1914, the first modern bra came to existence. And from then on, women have had a love-hate relationship with bras. With modern technology and science, we discovered that bras are not everything they hold up to be. If you are contemplating on throwing out your bras, keep reading to learn about the seven benefits of not wearing a bra.

Better Blood Circulation

Tight clothing, in general, is not good for your blood circulation. And with bras being tight and right on your chest, it causes tightness and squeezing, which can lead to cardiovascular issues later in life. Some of these issues include chest pains under your breasts. While you may love your favorite push-up bra, the pain is not worth it.

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Decrease Chances of Breast Cancer

While it is still possible to get breast cancer, whether you wear a bra or not, studies have shown that braless women are less likely to get breast cancer. Underwire bras can damage breast tissue, which can lead to cancer. If you like to wear underwire bras for support, experts recommend only wearing them for a few hours at a time.

Fewer Chances of Fungal Infections

Some bra fabrics lead to sweat, which can lead to extra bacteria and friction. Extra bacteria can cause fungal infections since your bra doesn’t allow the skin on your chest to breathe. Excess friction from tight bras and sweat causes itching and redness. If you notice any signs of a rash, itchiness, bumps, or a foul odor, visit your doctor right away. You will need antibiotics to get rid of a fungal infection.

Improve Overall Breast Health

Better circulation, decreased chances of breast cancer, and fewer instances of fungal infections are just a few of the health benefits of not wearing a bra. But did you know that there were more? By not wearing a bra, you are improving the overall breast health. Skipping a bra encourages healthy breast tissue, avoids breast cysts, rids shortness of breath, avoids chest pains, and helps lower the chances of rashes and acne.

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Better Sleep

Sleep is important for every human being. You need a full night of rest to feel recharged and ready to take on the day. The best way to stay asleep all night is to be as comfortable as possible. And as we already know, bras do not help with comfort at all. Instead, they can create so much discomfort that you will not get a wink of sleep. Sleeping with a bra can also impact your circadian rhythms making it impossible to have a full night of sleep. Overall, feel more relaxed and well-rested by removing your bra before you get some shut-eye.

Saves You Money

A huge benefit of not wearing a bra is that you end up saving a ton of money. While you can find $5 to $10 bras, the majority of bras range from $20 to $100. And most women who wear bras have five or more bras. That is potentially $500 or more in just bras. If you do not wear a bra, you are saving yourself thousands of dollars in the long-run.

Ultimate Comfort

We all know bras do not provide the ultimate comfort. Many bras are comfortable, but we all are more comfortable without one. By not wearing a bra, you can say goodbye to bra marks, broken wires, flimsy straps, and tight bands. You and your chest can finally breathe if you toss the bra.

Whether you decide to wear a bra or not, remember to stay comfortable. To find your right bra size, go to a bra fitting. And if bras are not for you, welcome to the club!


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