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Do Fall Outdoor Workouts Like a Pro

Do Fall Outdoor Workouts Like a Pro

As the weather cools down, more and more people are making their way outside for some extra vitamin D during their fall outdoor workouts!

While you may be enjoying your time outdoors to relax, you cannot forget about staying active as well. Autumn months are the perfect time to exercise outside.

There are fewer risks of heat strokes and sunburns. Before you head out, check out this guide on how to do fall workouts like a pro.


Since the weather is cool, it is the perfect time to do a hiking workout. Go to your nearest hiking trail, hill, or mountain, and start your adventure. While hiking, you will burn around 430 to 530 calories per hour. It’s a great way to stay in shape and enjoy nature at the same time. Before you go on your hike, pack a hiking bag full of water, snacks, sunblock, and a first aid kit.

Tai Chi

If you are looking for an autumn workout that will help relieve stress, then look no further than Tai Chi. Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese exercise that involves a series of slow-moving movements that help with balance, grace, meditation, and inner peace. This exercise is perfect to accomplish outside in a park. The cool air and sounds of nature add a level of peace during this workout. Plus, you burn about 360 to 460 calories per hour.


During the summer, biking is a sport many people enjoy, but between the high temperatures, the lack of shade, and the scorching sun, many participants skipped it this year. That’s why biking is perfect during the fall. The cool breeze will not only cool you but also push you along. Find your closest outdoor biking trail or even ride around your neighborhood.

person wearing pair of green inline skates photo


Rollerblading is not just an indoor sport. You can take your skates and zip around your local skate park. This sport is a fun way to stay active, cool, and go on a trip down memory lane. Before rollerblading, put on knee and elbow pads as well as a helmet. Head and body injuries are very common in this type of activity.


A workout that is around all year is yoga. While you are inside most of the year for this exercise, yoga is a great workout to do outside during the fall. You can head out to the park or even your backyard to do some yoga poses. Don’t forget your yoga mat and some water.

The cool weather during autumn is the perfect time to head outside and move. These were just a few outdoor workouts. There are many more like walking and running. Let us know some of your favorites!


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