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What Your Client Needs to Know Before Their Appointment

What Your Client Needs to Know Before Their Appointment

Booking a new customer is exciting, but it's important to take care of business! Here's everything you need to tell your client before their appointment.

Owning a business that involves services over inventory is exciting, but it comes with a lot of work. Since you are dealing with some part of your client, there are some things that you have to set down and let your customers know.

That’s why we created this list on everything you need to let your client know before their appointment.

Bring Inspiration Photos

For hair, makeup, or even fashion services, many customers come with a specific vision in mind. They spend hours scrolling through Instagram and Pinterest finding a look that they want to emulate. Once your client books their appointment, shoot them an email or message about sending you inspiration photos. This gives you a heads-up on what they are wanting and what all you need to prepare.

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Notify Them of Your Health and Safety Protocols

Existing and potential customers need to know about your health and safety protocols. Health and safety procedures were important even before COVID-19. You want to guarantee the safety of yourself but of your customers as well. Also outlining these protocols give your clients a little more peace of mind. And during this pandemic, you need to be even more thorough with your health and safety measures. It is best to outline all your protocols and rules on a document that you send before your customer arrives.

Explain Pricing

If you do not have a website or social media page explaining your pricing, you need to let your clients know beforehand. This weeds out any customers who are not willing to pay your prices. Explaining your costs also helps clients know how much money they need to bring and what all they can get done with their budget.

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Describe Your Late Fees and Rescheduling Procedures

As a business, you will come across customers that arrive late to appointments or need to reschedule. This section is all about what you are comfortable with as a company. Clients that show late or miss their appointment take away opportunities of you meeting with other customers, which in return causes you to lose money. Many businesses have late and last-minute rescheduling fees to make up for the lost revenue. Surprises and unexpected events happen, and people do need to reschedule appointments. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t have control over how your rescheduling process goes. Many offices allow free rescheduling up to 24 hours before the appointment, and everything 24 hours and less usually has a small charge.

Ask if They Have an Allergies

If you are using any products that will touch their skin, you need to know if your client is allergic to anything. Many beauty and hair products have ingredients that cause allergic reactions in some people. The best way to avoid this health emergency is to tell them to notify you before their appointment of any allergies they have. Knowing in advance gives you time to add replacements. If your customer is unsure of their allergies, test the products on their wrist.

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Explain the Process of the Appointment

Keep your clients in the know by explaining the process of their appointment. Let them know from start to finish on what they should expect. This allows customers to feel more relaxed. Also, during the pandemic, this section is where you explain how you want them to arrive or how you will arrive at their place. If you own a store, you can let them know your procedures about entering your office, and if you go to the client’s house, you can explain how you will arrive.

Beauty and health services continue to thrive, and we want that for your business as well. Follow the steps above for a successful appointment with your client. If you are a health or beauty professional and want to earn extra money while being at home, download the MOBILESTYLES app and register as a PRO today!


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