Even if you’re graduating at what feels like an uncertain time, remember that the world is your oyster with your new qualification.

Consider this your blueprint for success.


The first step to creating a personal brand is to identify what makes you unique and special. When it comes to influencers and service providers, the beauty industry is notoriously crowded, but that’s not to say that there’s not room at the table for everyone. However, the cardinal sin is to mimic and replicate what everyone else is doing. Instead, figure out what you’ve got to share and say that it is specific to only you. That’s ultimately what will build a loyal following. Remaining true to yourself and authenticity is what will keep them coming back.

Social Media

Naturally, being active on as many social networks as possible boosts your online visibility. Aim to keep your handles consistent too: i.e. make sure the same username is available on all platforms.

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When it’s safe to do so again, going to events like conferences, workshops, and masterclasses is a great way to meet others in your industry and learn more about building a name for yourself. The age old saying is often true, “it’s not what you know, but who you know” — so get out there and make a good impression.


There’s a tonne of free resources to help you build a professional logo, which you can utilize on everything from your email signature to business cards. Having a strong and consistent visual element to your personal brand certainly helps you become more memorable. For easy-to-create graphics, we like the platform Canva.

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Try a New Medium

Sure, your speciality is beauty — but is there a new way you can share your story and your skillset? If you’re an excellent communicator, why not play around with the idea of starting a beauty-inspired podcast series? Or if you’re a talented writer on the side, there’s a plethora of websites to help you get a newsletter up and running. Go for gold!

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Learn from the Best

Is there someone in your industry that you’re obsessed with or whose career trajectory is #goals? Reach out! Now that we’re all spending so much more time at home and relying on technology, they might even be able to do a quick phone or Zoom call with you to answer any burning career-related questions you might have.

Think Big

We totally understand that the world is a strange place for anyone newly-qualified and hoping to get their start — but don’t despair. Many of the greatest innovations come about at times of crises, so use any downtime wisely and consider if there’s any gaps in the market and how you can fill them. Who knows, you could have a million dollar idea on your mind!