However, have you ever tried on a red lip, and thought “why does this look so bad on me?!”

No, it’s not because a red lip doesn’t work for you. It’s most likely because you were wearing the absolute wrong shade of red for you. So how do we find out which shade of red looks best on us? You’d be surprised at how easy it actually is.

Finding your undertone

The first step to finding the perfect red lipstick shade is figuring out exactly what your undertone is. This is key. There are a few different ways you can find this.

Test #1: Look at the inside of your wrist. More specifically, take a peek at the color of your veins. If you look and you see more purple or blue veins, you are most likely a cool undertone. If your veins look more of a blue-green, you have a more neutral overtone. If you look, and they’re obviously green, you have a warm undertone to your skin.

Test #2: Grab some gold and silver jewelry and put them on. Which looks best on you? Obviously this can be totally subjective, but if you find the silver looks best, you’re cool tones. If the gold looks best, you’re warm-toned. If they both look good, you’re definitely neutral.

Test #3: Think about when you go out in the sun. Do you tan well? Burn easily? If you have no problems tanning, you’re likely warm-toned. If you burn like a tomato, you’re probably cool-toned. If you deal with both of them, you’re neutral!

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The Perfect Red Lip

Now that you know what your undertone is, let’s pick the perfect shade of red.

Fair skin with cool undertones: You’ll want to stick to reds with a more blue-pink undertone to it, such as a raspberry or cranberry shade.

Fair skin with warm undertones: You will absolutely rock a bold orange-red lip.

Medium complexions with cool undertones: Blue-toned reds are your best friend.

Medium complexions with warm undertones: You can pretty much get away with any shade you wear!

Dark complexions with any undertone: You can get away with pretty much any shade, but they won’t appear as bright as someone with lighter lips. But they’ll definitely look equally as beautiful without a doubt.

Obviously you can wear whatever makes you happy, but there is definitely a science to finding what will actually look the best on you, and don’t you want to look your best? Find the perfect shade of red and rock that classic look every day!