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The Ultimate Guide on Fall Layering

The Ultimate Guide on Fall Layering

Fall is here, and it is the perfect season to try out layers, so we created this ultimate guide on staying warm and trendy with these fall layering tips.

While we’ve been enjoying swimsuits, shorts, and tank tops, it's now time to gear up for fall layering.

Autumn is a weird season where some days are hot and some days are cold. That’s why it is important to become a pro at fall layering. Keep scrolling to check out our ultimate guide on staying warm and trendy with layers!

warm fall

Warmest Article on the Outside

Layering is all about keeping yourself warm. Wherever you are layering on clothes, you want to place the lightest garment on the inside (tank top or lightweight t-shirt) and put the warmest or heaviest article of clothing on the outside (coat, jacket, cardigan, or sweater.) That way if the temperatures do warm-up, then you can easily take off the outer layers. And when the temperatures drop back down, you can easily place the warm items back on.

Sweaters are Your New Best Friend

Fall is all about sweaters. Who doesn’t love grabbing out their favorite warm sweater once chilly weather hits? Sweaters are not only great to keep warm in, but also are a great fashion statement this season. It is very easy to layer with a sweater. You can put a t-shirt under a sweater to create a business casual feel, or you can even add a light jacket over the top. This article of clothing is very versatile, and you are going to want at least three in your closet.


Accessories Complete the Look

When in doubt, layer on accessories. Items like scarves, gloves, and hats work so well with layering and looking stylish at the same time. This year thanks to COVID-19 lookout for stylish warm masks as well!


Comfort is Always Best

Always remember that while you are layering on clothes, you want them to be as comfortable as possible. You do not want to put on an itchy sweater to only want to take it off as soon as you head out. Also, you want to be comfortable in general, especially when going outside. If it is cold outside, you will want to have enough clothing to stay warm and cozy. And, if it is warm outside, you want to have the capability to shrug off any garments so you can stay cool and comfy. Before starting your day, check the temperature on your phone to see what outfit will work the best.

Who said looking cute and staying warm wasn’t possible? You can have the best of both worlds if you follow our fall layering guide above.


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