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5 Curly Hair Necessities for This Fall

5 Curly Hair Necessities for This Fall

Summer hair is about long locks, highlights, and trendy beach waves. Now that fall is here, let's see these curly hair necessities you need to stock up on.

Make your curly hair come alive this fall with these curly hair necessities.

Even though saying goodbye to summer can be a bummer, it could be the perfect time to give your hair some extra love before the dry cold season hits us. Here are 5 curly hair necessities you’ll need this fall!

trim up

Trim it up

No need to go for an extreme change here, trimming up your hair is a small task that goes a long way. It’s a great way to keep your hair in check, especially if the summer was a little harsh on your tips. Also, you’re supposed to get a trim every 8 to 12 weeks so this is something you should do a couple of times during those fall months. Looking for a complete change? Go for a new vibe altogether and give it a good chop.


Invest in a deep conditioner

Your hair has been through a lot, so try your best to give it that extra care it deserves. As someone with naturally dry, curly hair, a deep conditioner is a real lifesaver for me. My favorite is It's a 10 Haircare Miracle Hair Mask Deep Conditioner. It is super easy to use and adds some softness and hydration back into my hair. If you’re on a budget and can’t afford to buy some deep conditioner, try coconut oil! It helps to defrizz your hair and adds a nice shine!


Switch up your shampoo and conditioner

Your shampoo and conditioner should be cleaning your hair, not pillaging it of its natural oils. Make sure you double-check your labels and see what it is that you’re putting into your hair. Adding a few new bottles into the mix can also freshen up your hair and allow you to find one that works best for your specific curl type.


Find the perfect mousse for your curl type

Mousse is the perfect tool to help mold and defrizz your curls. My personal favorite is The Curl Whip Whipped Curl Mousse by Cake. This product leaves your curls soft and bouncy.


Use a curling iron to touch up your curls

No one has perfect curls — I know my curl pattern differs day by day! That’s where a curling iron comes into play. If you don’t have one, I would 100% recommend it this fall season. Use it to refresh your curls and add some variety to your hair. This is definitely an important curly hair necessity!


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