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How High Fashion Runway Looks Make it to the Average Person

How High Fashion Runway Looks Make it to the Average Person

High fashion runway looks are not just for show. Here's how the looks make their way to the streets for the average consumer to rock.

You’ve probably seen a few high fashion runway looks whether you realized it or not.

There’s no doubt that at one moment of seeing these intricate high fashion runway looks walk down the catwalk, you thought, “Who on earth would wear this?” Well, it’s you! Not exactly, but you will be surprised to know how some of these outrageous looks actually directly influence your style without even realizing it.


Runway Trends

So many of today’s’ current trends are inspired by the runway looks each designer creates every season during Fashion Week. Surprisingly enough, most of the looks you see actually do go straight into mass production and into the hands of regular people shopping in department stores. However, there are some looks you’ve probably seen that could best be described as “fantastical”. These looks are considered “couture” and meant to be over-the-top and daring. Regardless of its extreme appearance, even these looks make their way down the fashion stream and into your closet.

Just to give you an example of how this works, designer Proenza Schouler sent down an array of extravagant fringe designs down the runway of New York Fashion Week Spring 2014. This created a ripple effect in the fashion industry where you started to see fringe looks appear in regular stores like H&M and Forever21. Everyone started rocking the fringe look and suddenly loved it. It’s no coincidence.


Even if you don’t watch fashion runways or follow fashion in any way, sometimes it can directly affect you through celebrities. When celebrities see these extravagant looks down the runway, they typically will have those specific designers create looks for them for certain events, like the MetGala. Once celebrities are seen wearing the same trends in a slightly more wearable way than seen on NYFW, it creates another trickle effect down to the average person.

An example of a trend that begun through a celebrity is the iconic Manolo Blahnik stilettos. You see these shoes make an appearance on the very successful show, Sex and the City, starring Sarah Jessica Parker as Carrie Bradshaw. Because of this show, this stiletto became a staple piece in most fashionista’s wardrobes.


Fashion Bloggers

Don’t think celebrities influence you? You’re probably being influenced by people a little bit more relatable than celebrities: fashion bloggers. These bloggers make it a career to show their followers to current trends. These are the exact trends coming from the runway but shown at a more realistic level. If your favorite fashion blogger started wearing fringe in 2014 and you did too, you definitely were inspired by a runway look!

Whether you follow the fashion industry or not, it really is fascinating to see how much that world can, directly and indirectly, affect our styles and choices we make every season. Even if you think you’re one of those people who doesn’t follow high fashion runway looks and trends, it’s quite possible that the simple sweater you’re wearing was chosen for you by the people on the runway. It’s quite a world, isn’t it?


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