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Our Fascination with Pop Culture

Our Fascination with Pop Culture

Pop culture is the accumulation of cultural products such as music, art, literature, dance, film, television, radio, cyberculture, and fashion.


Photo Source: Unsplash

From music to reality television, pop culture is a thriving, trending, much followed sociological phenomenon. Pop culture, short for popular culture, is the accumulation of cultural products such as music, art, literature, dance, film, television, radio, cyberculture, and fashion. Pop culture is followed and revered worldwide with mass accessibility and appeal. Modern pop culture is transmitted via mass media and aimed at particularly younger people, but persons of all ages follow and enjoy pop culture.

Pop culture is exciting! Think of your favorite musicians, celebrities, scripted and reality television shows, feature films, etc. The entertainment and buzz that society feeds off from these mediums add glitz and glamour to our lives. Many celebrities, musicians, Broadway stars, etc. who feed the public’s desire for pop culture find their rise to stardom based on marketing strategies and promotional opportunities that help build their fan base. Tabloid magazines, social media, and entertainment shows assist in helping stars achieve their notoriety status. This floods the public with mass appeal and a desire to follow and/or emulate our favorite celebrities and artists. True followers of pop culture are born.


Photo Source: Unsplash

If you really think about it, pop culture is a commercial culture that is mass produced for mass consumption and immersed on the public, who act as consumers, much like the process of advertising. A product, person, or brand has to be “sold” to an audience before it becomes notable enough and creates a large public awareness, which then ensures the product, person or brand becomes entrenched in pop culture. By strong marketing and publicity, along with constant bombardment, the product, person or brand finds their place in pop culture.

Constant publicity and public saturation is key to staying on top of the pop culture wars.

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