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6 Fun Facts You Didnrsquot Know About Redheads

6 Fun Facts You Didn’t Know About Redheads

Want to know more about hair? Then, check out these fun facts about redheads.

Let’s check out some fun facts about redheads!

Compared to blondes and brunettes, red hair is considered the minority by far. Keep scrolling to learn some fun facts about redheads and how truly unique it is to have red hair.

Gene Mutation

Are you ready for a science lesson? Because the MC1R gene mutation found in redheads is responsible for pigmentation or how much pigment your skin and hair receive. Individuals with the MC1R gene mutation tend to freckle and burn easily.

Less Than 2%

If you do have red hair, we are here to let you know that there are less than 2% of people in the world that have the same pretty locks as you. Each year fewer and fewer redheads are born. However, Northern Europeans have the largest concentration of red hair in the world.

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Thicker & Courser Strands

While typically redheads (90,000 strands) have less hair than blondes (110,000) or brunettes (140,000), their thickness and coarseness make up for it all. Each fire red strand is thick, which in total, helps redheads have volumizing hair that is easy to style.

Higher Risk of Skin Cancer

As mentioned above, people with red hair tend to freckle and burn easily. Due to their skin, they are more than two and half times likely to develop dangerous melanomas that cause skin cancer. If you do have copper hair, make sure to protect yourself when going outside by wearing sunscreen or clothing that covers the skin.

Most Likely Left Handed

Since red hair is a recessive gene that comes in pairs, it affects more than just your hair. These genes also contribute to redheads having more dominance in their left hand, which means many of them are left-handed.

No Gray Hairs

If you have red hair, then you are in luck because you do not gray. Red hair does fade away. Over time, your red will decrease, which will then turn to blonde or white. The reason why redheads never gray is thanks to the pigmentation in each strand.

Red hair is truly an interesting hair color that many people try to achieve, probably more so after reading these fun facts about redheads! If you are ready to treat your red hair or to dye your hair, contact a licensed and professional hair specialist on the MOBILESTYLES App today!


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