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MOBILESTYLES is the Go-To Beauty Service App

MOBILESTYLES is the Go-To Beauty Service App

Because of the recent boom of on-demand services like food delivery and ride-sharing, at-home beauty service apps have recently gained a ton of traction.

Then came the demand for beauty service apps.

The beauty industry has had some version of an at-home beauty service app because most beauty professionals have to take clients outside of the salon’s normal business hours for services like photoshoots, wedding day location services, and out-of-town business events.


With more and more clients looking to avoid the in-salon experience for several factors like the inconvenience of having to find a sitter, leave your home, drive around for a parking spot, and if that’s not bad enough, possibly pay for parking just so you can enjoy getting your hair, nails, or makeup done. These services are needed but can be a hassle to orchestrate logistics to get out of the house.

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Now, with the added obstacle of the COVID-19 pandemic, the need for on-demand beauty services has grown tenfold. Most beauty service providers only offer standard beauty professionals; hair, makeup, and nails, which are fantastic offerings. Some clients need more options than that. MOBILESTYLES saw the need for other services based on personal lifestyle needs, so we expanded our list of professional services around the country.


You can book one of 100 different services through the MOBILESTYLES App, from braiding, to massages, to a personal trainer, and more. MOBILESTYLES provides professionals with the mobility and independence that they need to run their business while also providing those with active lifestyles with a high-end experience.

Although we’re asked to shelter in place and only go out when it’s necessary, people want and need to receive the services they were getting before the pandemic arrived in the states. Gyms, spas and salons shut down because they weren’t considered essential, but isn’t mental health essential? Many people lost access to a gym, the most go-to sanctuary, not just to look good but to de-stress, keep anxiety at bay, and to release some needed endorphins.

Exercise is a great way to take care of your physical and mental health, critical for a healthy lifestyle.Those that lost access to a gym needed to get creative to put together a home gym to get the daily movement they need. It’s harder to find the discipline to exercise at home, but if you have a trainer that will guide and push you to reach your goals, then by all means, stick to it.


Working from home sounds great until the lines between work and home are completely blurred, and you find yourself stressed and burned out. Times like these make you want to book an appointment for a well-deserved massage. MOBILESTYLES has you covered with massage therapy professionals that will help relieve pain, recover from a sports injury, or aid in general wellness.

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Our professionals span across 38 states and are located in 15 major cities across the country. MOBILESTYLES, the leading on-demand health and beauty service app in the US, delivers talented professionals to you anytime, anywhere! Our amazing PROs offer barber services, braiding, hair coloring, eyelash extensions, hair styling, makeup, massage, skincare, and over 200 other services to choose from!


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The #1 on-demand health and beauty app connecting you with local, vetted PROs.

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With MOBILESTYLES a good time is any time.

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