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Heres Why Rushing Into a Relationship is a Bad Idea

Here's Why Rushing Into a Relationship is a Bad Idea

It’s that making any long-term decisions, like rushing into a relationship, should require a bit more reflection and caution.

Rushing into a relationship is risky, but don’t turn down love and romance if it comes knocking on your door!

We’re talking about making hasty choices and settling for values or attributes you usually wouldn’t because you may be rushing into a relationship in fear of spending a post-pandemic winter alone.

Don’t Compromise

It’s not that we’re saying you should wait around forever until a fictional prince or princess arrives. Everyone has their flaws, and that’s just part and parcel of the dating world. But, rushing to find a match can leave you in a situation that has glaring blind spots. Here’s a spoiler: people don’t really change. If you’re already having doubts about a prospective partner and their behavior, but keen to make things official, it doesn’t bode well for the future of the relationship. Ultimately, there’s no guessing as to who will end up hurt and heartbroken. Spoiler alert: it’s not them.


You Could Miss Out

One of life’s great ironies: if you’re busy trying to make someone into your ideal partner, you’re closing yourself off to the likelihood of actually meeting said person. Settling for second (or third or fourth!) best isn’t fair to you or the other person in the relationship. If you’re having doubts, it’s not fair on you or them to stoically stick it out just for fear of being back in the singles pool. Trust us: you’re doing everyone a favor in the long run.



If you found yourself in a relationship (or ‘situationship’) that you’ve charged head first into without giving it second thought, there’s a good chance you may grow tired, frustrated, or bored in the union. This is unfair and potentially devastating for the other party. There are certain things that are meant to be impulsive and spontaneous — buying gum at the cash register or saying yes to free concert tickets — but a romantic partnership is not one of them!



Sure, opposites attract, but compatibility is a whole other ballgame. If you dive into something head first, you might miss the initial indicators that you’re not meant to be a match. This stretches to things like values, what you want in the future, religion, children, attitudes towards money, trust, and morality. These incredibly important boxes to tick are a major reason for taking things slow and steady when getting to know a person.



Perhaps the shoe is on the other foot, and you have been the one to push someone to put a label on it. Over time, they might feel trapped and the cracks will start to show. The decision to enter a partnership should always come after both parties know it's the right step. If the writing is on the wall and they’re hesitant, don’t ignore what your gut is telling you and go rushing into a relationship that may be doomed to fail.

If you have additional dating advice or tips, leave us a comment on our Instagram or Facebook page!


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