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7 Skincare Products That May Help Prevent Maskne

7 Skincare Products That May Help Prevent Maskne

Masks are important, but our skin is definitely suffering! Until masks are no longer a necessity, here are some ways to prevent maskne in the meantime.

Here are the best ways to prevent maskne.

Here are some products that can help prevent maskne, so you can stay protected and your skin can stay happy.

1. Murad Clarifying Oil-Free Water Gel

This gel contains innovative technology that interrupts communication in your skin, so bacteria can’t form a group and cause an imbalance. It will purify and hydrate your skin in a way you’ll absolutely love.

2. Avéne Cicalfate+ Restorative Protective Cream

This protective cream restores the skin and speeds up the recovery process. This is perfect for that tired skin being squished under your masks.

3. Pause Detox Serum

This serum clarifies and unclogs pores to minimize breakouts, so your skin can breathe. The fast-absorbing formula is so effective at balancing and brightening the skin by controlling excess oil while simultaneously preventing dryness.

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4. PCA Skin Acne Gel

This acne gel will help clear existing breakouts and prevent future flare-ups with salicylic and azelaic acids. You can use it on your full face or as spot treatments when you have a maskne breakout.

5. Dermalogica Retinol Clearing Oil

This is a really effective night cream that combines retinol and salicylic acid into one formula that helps reduce visible signs of premature skin aging and even clears breakouts.

6. Perricone MD Gentle & Soothing Cleanser

This gentle cleanser will unclog your poor pores while removing acne-causing debris without over-drying your skin. This is exactly what your maskne needs!

7. Pai Skincare Perfect Balance Blemish Serum

Apply this serum in the morning and night to help even your skin tone by reducing the look of acne scars, dark spots, and hyper-pigmentation.

We all do our part to stay safe and also keep the people around us that we care about safe as well. This doesn’t mean our skin has to suffer under these protective masks. Any of these products will help prevent maskne and keep you from feeling like the mask is the enemy. Take care of your skin while we take care of the world!


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