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Kick Off 22 Right Planning Tips for Staying Organized

Kick Off '22 Right: Planning Tips for Staying Organized

Do not fall behind in 2022. Here are some planning tips that’ll help you stay organized all year long.

Sayonara, 2020 and 2021. It’s time to get ready for 2022 with these planning tips!

If you want to get through the year smoothly, then you need to check out these planning tips on how to stay organized.

Calendar or Planner

Let’s start the year right by staying organized with a calendar or planner. This will help you with not forgetting deadlines, appointments, or events. You can find calendars or planners in many places — office stores, supermarkets, and online. And if you are a crafty person, you can even create your own in a notebook.

Meeting and Task Reminders

A calendar or planner is no help if you never check it. That’s why you should set up meetings or task reminders to let you know when something is due or happening soon. Many apps will send you messages, but you also can place a note in your phone calendar to send a notification closer in.

Clean Daily

We understand that life gets in the way and that messes do happen (especially if you have children or animals). But, if you want to make 2022 easier on you, make sure to clean daily. It only takes 10-30 minutes to get basic cleaning done. The more you clean, the less you have to worry about every day. Plus, who doesn’t like living in a clean home?

Color Code

If you want things to stay organized throughout your home, you can take it to the next level by color-coding your items. This will make it easy for you to find and put away your belongings. Color coding works exceptionally in closets, bookshelves, and filing cabinets.


To-Do Lists

Never get behind on errands, tasks, or cleaning by having a handy dandy to-do list. This list will help you get everything you need done every day. A to-do list works very well in office settings or next to your home calendar. Plus, checking off the list is very satisfying.

By following the planning tips above, you will start 2022 just right. Do you know any other organization tips? If so, send MOBILESTYLES a message on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn.  


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