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Brands Using Sustainable Clothing Manufacturers in 2022

Brands Using Sustainable Clothing Manufacturers in 2022

Are you looking for brands that use sustainable clothing manufacturers? These are the fashion companies you need to look out for in 2022.

The desire to shop ethically through sustainable clothing manufacturers is higher than ever before in history.

But don’t worry, 2021 brings new hope for fashion lovers and gurus. We scoured the internet and found the new and upcoming fashion companies you need to look out for next year who all use sustainable clothing manufacturers.

Zero Waste Daniel

Zero Waste Daniel began in 2017 by a fashion designer in New York. Daniel’s goal is to create clothing and accessories from pre-owned clothing and fabric from consumers in New York City. The brand strives to not send any waste to the landfill. They make sustainable genderless items so everyone can enjoy them. The company has been recognized by Buzzfeed, Mashable, Insider, Now This, CNN, Paper Magazine, and the New York Times.

woman in clothes

Collina Strada

If you are looking for clothing that gives off a youthful vibe, you need to check out Collina Strada. It’s bold, loud patterns and colors are created by Hillary Taymour from New Your City. She created this brand to be sustainable and transparent. Collina Strada’s garments are easy to wear and embody a fluid attitude.

Presley Oldham

A jewelry company that started in early 2020 and is slowly making its way into fashion shows is Presley Oldham. His accessories brand focuses on creating hand-crafted pieces that reflect on the time, cost, and labor that goes into each item. The jewelry intends to evoke emotion and be passed on from generation to generation. Each piece is made from local materials and handmade.

man walking


Need clothing that can go from the office to a night out? Then, look no further than newly founded Aknvas. Aknvas started in 2019 by Danish designer Christian Juul Neilsen. His pieces focus on flattering silhouettes, innovative knits, and an elevated palette.

Strip Mall Couture

If you are all about simplistic comfortable clothing and a unique brand, then check out Strip Mall Couture. This brand’s voice is very unique and almost standoffish. For example, they tell people not to follow them or contact them. They have many unique tees as well as a wide range of prices. You definitely need to check out this store to believe it.

girl in skirt

Ten Yards

Stand for equality and gay rights with this small-queer ran business: Ten Yards. New York designer, Sam Branman, created Ten Yards. His clothing and accessories take inspiration from pop, 90s R&B, piano house, disco, and anything else that pops into his mind. Many popular drag queens like Bob the Drag Queen have worn in his clothing. Plus, who doesn’t love colorful yet unique pieces?

Keep your eye out for even more unique, sustainable, ethical, and cool fashion companies popping up in 2021. Did we leave anyone who uses sustainable clothing manufacturers off the list? Drop us their name and website link on our Instagram or Facebook page @mobilestylesapp!


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