Thanksgiving is quickly approaching, and we’re all probably dealing with a lot of uncertainty this year with family gatherings, such as Thanksgiving.

Even though there are so many things we can’t control, one thing we can do is have an absolutely adorable manicure to match the day. Enjoy your turkey and showing off your nails to those family members you haven’t seen in a while.

sunflower nails

Sunflower nails

Sometimes, when you think of sunflowers, you think of Summer, but they actually bloom best around the end of Summer, which honestly gives us some fall vibes. This color palette would be so perfect with your Thanksgiving dress.

feathers nails

Turkey/feathers nails

These minimal style nails are so adorable with the turkey being on one nail and the others having accent feathers.

foliage nails

Foliage nails

What better way to show your appreciation for fall than putting the actual foliage on your nails? These are so bold and beautiful!