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Find the Best Way to Stay Organized as a Beauty Professional

Find the Best Way to Stay Organized as a Beauty Professional

We’re all ready to put 2020 behind us. Although we’re not out of the woods yet, we’re strategizing to make 2021 a better and more successful year.

While continuing to implement the necessary safety measures and social distancing guidelines - to keep clients and professionals safe through this “new normal.”

One thing we all learned in 2020 was that we had to incorporate discipline during the pandemic to keep our loved one's safe; wash your hands frequently, stay 6 feet apart, and wear a mask.

Keeping with the theme of discipline, I thought it would be fitting to share some of the best gadgets and practices to use in 2021 to keep you disciplined and organized while you build your business despite the difficulties we’re facing.

The Freelancer Makeup & Hair Edition Planner - $44

Planners are great, and they come in so many shapes and sizes. Most planners are great to track your life but don’t quite have everything you need to track a specific part of your life that you need structure in, like managing your makeup clients. This is where the Freelance Makeup Artist Planner comes in to fill that need.

This planner includes:

  • Setting your rate worksheet
  • A goal setting workspace
  • Self-evaluation
  • Vision boarding
  • Monthly business ledger and expense tracking
  • Appointment sheets with weekly to-do’s and kit-restock lists and more.

This planner is a freelancer’s dream companion.


Honeybook - $1 for the first 6 months


This freelance business management software is for those seriously trying to step up their game. It works for different types of creative professionals, from wedding planners, photographers, calligraphy artists, copywriters, and it works great for makeup and hair artists as well. You can book clients, manage projects, and get paid.

The platform allows you to set up workflows, add various needed documents like contracts, proposals, and email templates that you use frequently. You can even set up recurring invoicing and get notifications when your client opens up the emails and makes payments. This CRM platform is robust and ideal for those that have to manage multiple clients.

Accessory Organizer - $17.90

Nothing grinds my gears more than having all of my tech gear tangled and unorganized, especially when I’m looking for something specific. The best thing that I have found to keep me organized and sane is this accessory organizer from Cocoon. It’ll keep your earbuds, phone, power bank, and other essential accessories from becoming one hot, tangled mess.


Pack it with the rest of your kit essentials or throw it in your backpack or tote bag for every day organization.

Universal Power Bank - $34.99

You never have to worry about your phone dying ever again. As freelancers, you’re on the go a lot of the time. You need to make sure that your tech is fully charged and ready to use without the stress of the battery dying on you. This hefty charger has two USB ports to charge multiple devices at a time.

power bank

These products are sure to help you in 2021 so don’t sleep on them.


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