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5 Tips for Pajama Style Anywhere

5 Tips for Pajama Style Anywhere

Do you wish you had better pajama style? We've put together a guide with the best tips for turning your PJs into a total fashion statement.

Improve your pajama style and thank us later!

It’s winter, and getting us to leave the house in anything other than our cozy pajamas (or getting us to leave the house at all) is becoming increasingly difficult. That’s why we’ve rounded up our best tips and tricks to pull off pajama styles so you can wear them anywhere!

Read on for or list of ways to achieve the ultimate pajama style.


Opt for a matching set

A matching set is key when it comes to wearing your pajamas outside of the house. Matching pajama sets in a silky fabric can actually look incredibly chic and high fashion! A matching top and bottom will make your outfit look more intentionally styled (even when you’re wearing PJs out!).

Go for a simple pattern or color

A super busy plaid flannel pajama style set isn’t your best option when it comes to styling PJs to wear out of the house. A simple pattern or a solid color is your best bet, so you’re able to properly style your outfit without looking too much like you’re actually wearing your pajamas.



Layering is key when it comes to getting away with wearing your pajamas as an outfit. Throw on a faux-leather motorcycle jacket or a faux fur or even a blazer to dress up and add some personal style to your look.



Accessories are everything when it comes to injecting pajama style and immediately making an outfit look cooler! Add some jewelry and your favorite handbag to your look to make it more look more stylish.

Cool shoes are key

While it may be tempting to wear your slippers out too- a cool shoe will make the world of a difference when it comes to styling your PJ look! A chunky boot or your favorite pair of heels will dress up your look and give it some edge!

Pajamas have become the ultimate comfort clothing for many. With the right pajama style, you can continue to be comfortable while still looking your best. Want to show off the creative ways you style your pajamas? Tag us @mobilestylesapp!


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