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Essential Vegan Beauty Products You Need Now

Essential Vegan Beauty Products You Need Now

Taking proper care of your skin is essential to good health. These vegan beauty products will pamper you while leaving little impact on the environment!

So, why wouldn’t we want to pamper it with the best vegan beauty products around?

As the beauty industry moves forward, and technology advances the way innovative creators make products, we’re left with superior, better performing products. Unfortunately, not everyone wants to use products that test on animals. This is where vegan beauty products come in.

Vegan beauty products have been around for several years now and they have been making leaps and bounds in the beauty industry by producing products that are efficacious, eco-friendly, and cruelty-free.

The ingenuity by chemists to formulate these environmentally friendly products that contain natural ingredients and are chemical-free proves you don’t need to create products riddled with chemicals that might harm you in the long run.

Here’s a list of amazing vegan beauty products that are affordable, cruelty-free and work.


Buttah Skin by Dorian

Founded in 2018 by Dorian Renaud, a former model and actor, who wanted to create vegan beauty products that focused on deeper skin tones, created these products to address the concerns that most people have: dryness, uneven skin tone, and acne. The result? Healthy, glowing, and restored skin.



Biossance is a brand that focuses on sustainability and helping the environment by banning harmful and toxic ingredients. The brand has also committed to being zero-waste by 2025, and they partner with international organizations to advocate for change. Their vegan products contain the best ingredients for various skin types.

The star ingredient used in just about every one of their products is a renewable version of Squalane — that’s derived from sugarcane, created by their scientists. By using this renewable ingredient, they’re able to save millions of sharks each year by keeping them safe from liver harvesting.

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Thrive Causemetics

Karissa Bodner created the vegan beauty products line after losing a friend to cancer. The vegan and cruelty-free brand help women thrive with every product purchased. Bodner traveled around the world, sourcing the best ingredients to create effective and clean products. The brand makes both makeup and skincare products that consumers rave about.

Thrive Causemetics partners with several foundations like Black Women's Health Imperative and National Breast Cancer Foundation to positively impact the lives of women.



Vegamour has become so popular because of its hair growth serum. Many customers gush over the new luscious, thick hair they see coming in. This brand has helped so many women regain their confidence and hope after thinning hair. Vegamour says their purpose is to enrich the lives of everyone they come into contact with with their vegan beauty products. So far, they’re making good on that promise.

Vegamour focuses on hair growth products for brows, lashes, and of course, hair. They take pride in the clean and ethically sourced products they make while providing Fair Trade wages to help women in South Africa.

Add these vegan beauty products to your makeup bag or vanity and know that they’re not only going to do wonders for you but that they’re environmentally friendly as well. Happy shopping!


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