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Jewelry Pieces To Treat Yourself To Cheap Vs Splurge

Jewelry Pieces To Treat Yourself To: Cheap Vs. Splurge

Women have been wearing jewelry for the last 5k years, and in Ancient Egypt, adorning your body with jewelry was a sign of political and religious power.

The love of jewelry continues today, with jewelry worn daily by some and on special occasions by others.

The styles, designs, and prices run the gamut, and there’s something for everyone. From chunky and bold statement pieces - to dainty and delicate. Jewelry isn’t just an accessory - it can be a part of someone's style and identity. Think, Mr. T from the A-Team or Audrey Hepburn.

audrey hupburn

Whatever the reason you have for adorning your body with jewelry, it’s a good one. The pieces can have sentimental value, the piece can complete an outfit, or you want to add a little oomph to your outfit.

I came across some brands that have beautiful and unique pieces, and I thought to share them with you so you can consider adding them to your Christmas list or leaving hints for your significant other.

The M Jewelers

M Jewelers make their jewelry in New York, and they allow the customer to be part of the personalization process of some pieces. The jewelry is reasonably priced, and they use different types of metals to suit different price points.



Rocksbox is a monthly membership where you pay $21 a month, and you can wear the jewelry as long as you want, or return the pieces, or purchase the pieces you like. The $21 is credited towards the piece you keep and return what you don’t like.


Bagatiba is sustainably made, ethically hand-crafted jewelry that is timeless, made for the modern woman. The pieces are beautiful and refined and make you feel like a million bucks. The line has an extensive collection of jewelry that you’ll want to add to your existing collection.


Cali Tiger

This Australian brand felt there was a creative void in the jewelry industry, so they decided to fill it with their unique designs. The jewelry is contemporary and bold. Shop a la carte or shop their bundle sets of curated jewelry.

cali tiger

J&Co Jewellery

If you’re a minimalist and like your jewelry subtle and affordable, then look no further - J&Co nails the minimalist category. The pieces are inclusive to everyone’s price point, and piece designs are simple and elegant.

J&Co Jewellery


Maybe you want to indulge yourself with jewelry that has some history behind it, a reputation for quality and excellence - Piaget. Established in 1874 by Georges-Édouard Piaget, with a motto of "always do better than necessary," the pieces are crafted with care and a signature look. Piaget started off making watches but soon branched out to making jewelry.

Piaget sustainably sources its material, and the brand is environmentally conscious by minimizing waste, using solar energy, and managing and reducing the emissions they produce.


Whether you’re looking to splurge or treat yourself on a budget, the jewelry you purchase should make you feel fabulous every time you wear it.


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