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Christmas Makeup Looks for the Holidays

Christmas Makeup Looks for the Holidays

Let’s get dolled up this year. Check out Christmas makeup looks that are sure to make you stand out, no matter how you will be spending the holiday season.

It's the perfect time to get dressed up with these Christmas makeup looks.

Nothing screams “Happy Holidays” more than doing some fun, festive Christmas makeup looks. These looks are sure to knock the stockings off of everyone at your holiday gathering, even if it’s just on Zoom!

These looks can be pulled off with basic color palettes that feature colors like red, white, green, and silver!

If you love everything makeup and want to try something new, check out these holiday-inspired makeup looks. 


Candy Cane

When we think of Christmas, one of the sweet treats that we automatically think of is candy canes. So bring this holiday treat into the makeup world with candy cane-inspired looks. You create this look in so many different ways! You can physically draw out this sweet treat on your face, or you can even create the signature red and white stripes on your eyelids or lips. If you do decide to do this, you will need a steady hand and vibrant red and white makeup.


Sugar Plums

While sugar plums may be dancing in your head, it is time to bring it to your face. A simple sugar plum look is to stick with purples, greens, and sparkles. You can also get creative and draw out a fairy scene on your face.


Christmas Tree

One of the first things we put up every year during the holidays is the Christmas tree. Since it is one of our faves, it is perfect for a Christmas makeup look. Get creative by drawing a Christmas tree, ornaments, and even Christmas lights on your face. You can even use beads and different eyeshadows and eyeliners to create this look. The possibilities are endless with this look.


The Grinch

The Grinch may have stolen Christmas, but you can steal his signature green look this holiday season. For this look, you can go full Grinch by creating a remake of the Grinch’s face (wrinkles and all), or you can draw pictures of different scenes from the book or movies. Or if you aren’t feeling the Grinch, you can get Who-ville festive and go all out on many different Christmas elements on your face. If you’re not feeling any of that, you can explore the green pallet and get creative with your Christmas makeup look.


Snowy Night

Who doesn’t love a white Christmas? Even if it doesn’t snow in your area, bring it to you by doing a snowy makeup look. Incorporate white, silver, and blue to make the perfect snow fallen scene with makeup. And if you have thin white eyeliner and artistic skills, you can even draw little snowflakes on your face.

We love holiday makeup and would love to see what Christmas makeup looks you come up with. Show us pictures on social media if you recreate any of these looks or if you try anything on your own. If you have a special holiday event coming up and want a stress-free makeup experience, contact one of our PROs today!


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