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Holiday Promotion Ideas for Small Businesses Like Yours

Holiday Promotion Ideas for Small Businesses Like Yours

Running a small business might be a challenge with safety measures. Attract customers with holiday promotion ideas for small businesses.

These holiday promotion ideas for small businesses could help draw some customers back. 

Whether it is a 20% off sale, buy one get one free, or any other type of service or inventory discount, holiday promotion ideas for small businesses never fail to catch the attention of customers looking to spend some of the money that’s been burning a hole in their pocket. 

There are a few holiday promotion ideas for small businesses you can implement to make sure you run your business safely under the circumstances.

CDC guidelines

Foremost, make sure you have the updated CDC guidelines in place to inform your staff and your customers, so they are safe and comfortable. Also, make sure you check out any additional guidelines your state has put in place because each state’s guidelines can vary based on their infection rate. Have plenty of hand sanitizer, cleaning wipes, curbside pickup options, and contactless transactions established prior to allowing anyone into your location.

Most states require everyone to wear a mask and stay at least six feet apart. Make sure you have a sign that’s visible to customers before walking into your location that lets them know they must wear a mask before entering.

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Every holiday promotion ideas for small businesses starts with a marketing strategy, and if you don’t, you should seriously consider implementing a few things that will help you pass the holidays, like email marketing. There are so many email marketing platforms to choose from, and several of these platforms let you start for free if you have less than a certain amount of email subscribers. Choose a platform that will be easy to use and start sending email promotions.

Look into mobile communication software that will let you connect with your audience instantly. SMS marketing is highly effective, and you can create loyalty programs or direct sales campaigns that your customers will check out within minutes. SMS communications a 90% open rate in comparison to email open rates of 20%.

white printing paper with Marketing Strategy text

Strategy and promotions

If your business is an e-commerce store, then you can start creating ads that will go on the various social platforms that your customers frequently visit. Follow the recommended ad specs for each platform. Consider creating Google display ads that will target the audience that would be interested in your product.

With holiday promotion ideas for small businesses, make sure you’re re-targeting your prospects with Facebook pixels so they can get reminder ads and your business stays on top of their minds.

Be active on social media, and make sure you talk about your business and the promotions you’re running. Ask your friends and family, to share or repost, and if you have to, boost a post that you think will do well. Ads are relatively inexpensive, and you should set aside a decent amount that you can allocate to the platform that will bring in the most ROI.

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Yes, you want to make sure your business does well over the holidays, and I wish you nothing but success, but at the same time, don’t neglect your health by working too much and burning yourself out. Make sure you get enough sleep, stay hydrated, and fit in some time to relax. Take small steps to reach your goal. This year is hard, and I want you to give yourself grace during the holidays.

Holiday promotion ideas for small businesses can be a great way to attract a new clientele during this time when many small businesses are hurting because of the pandemic. MOBILESTYLES understands this, and we are here to support our PROs and the other small businesses in our community! 


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