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Affordable Luxury 2-Piece Pajama Sets

Affordable Luxury 2-Piece Pajama Sets

Are you searching for a 2-piece pajama set that will make you look good, or are you just looking for comfort? Either way, we’ve got you covered.

I like a blend of both, but lately I’ve opted for 2-piece pajama sets that are more on the comfortable side.

That could be because I’m single and have no one to impress, but knowing my track record, I’ve always chosen comfort over sexy because my inner tomboy steers my heart when it comes to buying a 2-piece pajama set. 

There are some 2-piece pajama sets that will suit your fancy, from uber-luxurious to downright cozy. Check them out below.

Lunya Silk Tee Pant Set - $258

Drape your body in the most luxurious 2-piece pajama set you’ll see in this post. This delectable silk tee and pant set are GOALS. Yes, this set will cost you a pretty penny, but if you’re going for that expensive and luxe feeling, this is the set. Bonus: the jammies are machine washable so you don’t have to go out of your way to take them to the dry cleaners.


J.Crew Knit Pajama Set - $34.50

This 2-piece pajama set is cute and comfortable with an appealing price tag. What more could you want? This navy pajama set screams Sunday morning patio vibes with a hot cup of coffee while enjoying some fresh air outside. Grab one quick before they sell out.

j crew

Sleepytime Pjs Family Flannel Set

Get the family in the Christmas spirit with this matching set. Find something for every member of your family. Don’t like this option? Not to worry, they have tons of different styles for you and the fam to choose from. The hard part will be choosing something everyone will like.


Polka Dot Pajama Set - $19.99

If you’re a Target lover like me, you’ll like this affordable set that comes in several sizes. I’m a fan of cozy, breathable fabric, and I enjoy that the pajama pants are tapered at the bottom, so they don’t slide up the leg while I’m sleeping.

The print is subtle and pretty, great for those that don’t like bold prints but want something more than just a solid pajama set.


Cameran Pajama Set - $98

If you prefer shorts over pants, this relaxed fit pajama set is one to indulge in. Made from satin fabric that drapes the body comfortably. This PJ set is great for those warmer days where you don’t want to wear too much fabric so you can stay cool throughout the night.


Zebra Silk Pajama Set - $149

This set is the most interesting of the bunch. The pattern and color combination is eye-catching and modern. If you like making a statement, this piece will do just that while making you feel like a million bucks.


Choose from over five options: from the incredible luxurious to cozy and affordable. These 2-piece pajama set options are fantastic for every budget and taste.


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