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Say ldquoI Dontrdquo to Heels Other Wedding Footwear Options

Say “I Don't” to Heels: Other Wedding Footwear Options

Not every bride wants heels, and that’s okay! That’s why we have this guide on how to wear other wedding footwear with your bridal dress.

Wedding footwear was not created equally. Here are our favorites.

Many contemporary brides are ditching the heels and going with other wedding footwear options. And who can blame them? Don’t you want to be comfortable on one of the biggests days of your life?


Have a Two-Steppin’ Time

Rustic weddings are in style, and the best thing about these types of weddings is that cowboy boots are welcome. That’s right, you can throw on your favorite pair of boots and two-step all night long with the love of your life. If you do buy new boots, make sure to break them in at least two weeks before your wedding.


Enjoy the Sand Between Your Toes

Are you planning a beach wedding? Well, forget shoes in general (you’ll probably get sand between your toes anyway.) Depending on what you want, there are many different things you can replace shoes with for seaside nuptials. Some ideas that you can go with are barefoot shoes, sandals, henna, and jewelry.


Go Casual

It’s 2021, who says you can’t go casual for your big day? Many brides opt for comfy kicks like tennis shoes, flats, sandals, and keds for their big day. Just because you are dressed formally doesn’t mean you can’t wear comfy shoes. Plus, most of the time, wedding dresses are so long that people will never see the shoes you are wearing anyway.


Add Bling

Want to add elegance to non-heeled shoes? Then, add bling! Sparkles always add that extra bezazz that many brides are looking for on their big day. Luckily, many shoe stores have different glitter options.

Never Worry About What Others Think

At the end of the day, it is your wedding, and you spent all or most of the money. So, do not worry about what others think. Do what you want and enjoy your married life.

Just because you are a bride does not mean you have to wear heels. Try out one of the other wedding footwear options above for your wedding and make it memorable!


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