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Booking Terms & Conditions

Effective Date: February 2, 2023

A Booking is defined as: 

A request for service(s) from MOBILESTYLES. Any Booking has one or more service providers (PROs) and one or more Clients for the service(s).

Clients can request a Booking with MOBILESTYLES App via a few methods:

    • Direct: selecting a specific PRO that operates within the radius of the Client’s location
    • Pool: selecting a service and receiving offers from available PROs in the area
    • ASAP: selecting an appointment with a start time within 2 hours

The Client can order the MOBILESTYLES services to their location of choice, such as home, hotel, Airbnb, office, etc. The location must have a dedicated address, and it must be in livable condition with a structure. The Client cannot expect the PRO to perform services in their car, in a parking lot, etc.

All Bookings are subject to the following rules:

The Client must have a valid method of payment on file in order to complete a booking request.

A failed payment for the booking will result in a booking cancellation.

MOBILESTYLES does not guarantee the availability of service providers in your area. However, if you see a lack of PROs near your location, please contact us.

MOBILESTYLES reserves the right to refuse services in the form of declining or canceling a Client’s booking request with or without reason.

The chosen payment method — dependent on various circumstances, but not limited to the time, location, amount, and credibility — will be charged the full amount, a pre-authorization, or a small verification amount at the time of booking initiation. The remaining amount (balance) will be charged upon checkout.

Clients must ensure their service location is accessible and suitable for the performance of ordered services.

PRO must arrive at the Client’s location on time and start the appointment via the app to indicate that the appointment is now Live (in progress).

The Booking can be:

    • Pending: The booking is pending immediately after the Client creates the booking request and is waiting for the PRO’s confirmation or selection.
    • Submitted: The booking is submitted when the PRO submits an offer for a Client’s pending booking request.
    • Declined: The booking is declined when the PRO is unable to accept a Client’s pending booking request.
    • Expired: The booking is expired when a request has not been answered within 30 minutes of the expected start time of the appointment.
    • Accepted: The booking is accepted when either the Client accepts the PRO’s offer, or the PRO accepts the Client’s direct booking request.
    • Upcoming: The booking is upcoming when there are 2 hours remaining until the expected start time of the appointment.
    • Delayed: The booking is delayed when the Client or PRO are running late and have used the Delay feature through our application, indicating that they need another 15 min to arrive to the location; or if the appointment has not been started by the expected start time.
    • Rescheduled: Within the admissible window of time, the PRO or Client may reschedule their appointment. If this option is unavailable, they are outside of the timeframe to reschedule the booking.
    • Canceled: Within the admissible window of time, the PRO or Client may cancel their appointment. If this option is unavailable, they are outside of the timeframe to cancel the booking.
    • Live: The booking is live when both the PRO and Client are present, the appointment has been started via the app, and services are in progress. During the appointment, per mutual PRO and Client agreement, the PRO can edit the booking services. The Client must consent to these changes and be financially responsible for the change of total on the booking.
    • Check Out: The booking is under check out when the PRO and Client are ready to end the appointment and process payout.
    • Completed: The booking is completed when both the PRO and Client have checked out, the Client has signed the agreement on the PRO’s device, and payout has been posted to the PRO’s account. 

Before the Booking: 

The PRO should gather all information about the booking in order to ensure their readiness to complete the appointment, including but not limited to: tools, materials, supplies, etc.

The Client must ensure they clearly communicate about the desired services and the advantages or limitations of their location for the booked service(s).

The Client is responsible for filling out a location questionnaire that will indicate to the PRO the details of their location, such as: parking, pets, accessibility, etc.

Both the Client and PRO are expected to arrive at the destination as scheduled. If either party is running late, they can delay the booking for 15 minutes without penalty and/or strikes.

All communication between the PRO and Client must occur via MOBILESTYLES App messaging feature to ensure the safety of the transaction and the right to dispute.

During the Booking:

Once arrived at the location, the PRO will start their booking, indicating to MOBILESTYLES that the service is in progress.

Both the PRO and Client must dedicate the time for the booking to be finished as ordered. If either party stops the performance of the booking, they will still be responsible for the cost of the booking. If the PRO, for any reason, was not able to perform the booking as ordered, they can edit the services if mutually agreed by the Client. As an independent contractor, the PRO needs to ensure the satisfaction of the Client with the completeness of the service as ordered. In case the Client is not satisfied or the PRO did not finish the service, the PRO will be obligated to schedule a free-of-cost correction or continuation of services via the app. If MOBILESTYLES learns during the investigation that the Client did not receive the booking in its completeness and the PRO did not attempt a correction, MOBILESTYLES will retain the PRO’s payout and the PRO will face consequences, such as strikes or termination from the app.

After the Booking:

After the services are completed, the PRO is obligated to remove all of their tools and supplies and clean up after themselves.

The Client is responsible for supervising the PRO until they leave the premises.

After the services are completed, the Client is able to finalize the booking and add a tip for the services performed, which is 100% to be kept by the PRO.

The Client and the PRO have the ability to rate and review each other. This rating is important when it comes to the PRO’s visibility on the app and the Client’s trust grade.

MOBILESTYLES uses ratings and reviews to sort PROs in their locations. PROs and Clients both have the ability to earn discounts and benefits through badges when they obtain the necessary rating score via the app.


Absolutely no cash transactions are allowed. All payments must be processed through the MOBILESTYLES App.

Definitions of MOBILESTYLES payments elements:

    • Pre-authorization: A pre-authorization of the total amount has been placed on the user’s payment method.
    • Captured: The total amount has been charged to the user’s payment method.
    • • Refund: A full or partial amount will be refunded to the user’s payment method.
    • Subtotal: Any partial total displayed prior to the checkout step for the user.
    • Total: The total amount the user must pay based on services only, displayed during the checkout step.
    • Grand Total: The final total, including all services +/- discounts and tips, is displayed during the completed step.
    • Adjusted Total: The total reflected after any adjustments are made, after the completion of the booking, including but not limited to refunds and strikes monetary consequences.
    • Total Charge: The captures and/or authorizations within a payment method by the company.
    • Payout: The final total paid to the PRO’s account is based on services provided.
      • Payout Pending: Payout has been requested.
      • Payout In Transit: Payout was reviewed and sent as a result of approval.
      • Payout Paid: Payout has been completed.
      • Payout Failed: Payout did not go through. 

Strikes and strike charges: 

Strikes are consequences given by MOBILESTYLES for various events like booking cancellations, multiple declines, violation of policies, etc. Strikes will appear on the user’s profile and directly affect the rating of their account, which is visible to other users when requesting or providing services. Strikes can be in relation to a booking or not (in which case the opposite party may be compensated), and may come with monetary (with penalty) or non-monetary consequences, or both, depending on the severity of the violation. If monetary charges are applied for a Client, their default payment method will be charged. If monetary charges are applied for a PRO, their bank account will be charged. Multiple strikes can result in the blocking, downgrading, or termination of your MOBILESTYLES account, temporarily or permanently. Strikes may be issued for the following reasons, but not limited to:

    • • Appointment expiration
    • • ASAP Appointment expiration
    • • Appointment decline
    • • ASAP Appointment decline
    • • Appointment canceled within more than 24 Hours
    • • Appointment canceled within less than 24 Hours
    • • ASAP Cancel
    • • Regular appointment delay
    • • ASAP appointment delay
    • • Appointment no show
    • • ASAP appointment no show
    • • Live appointment complications

Strikes can be appealed by the users, and reviewed by MOBILESTYLES to determine the validity of it and if there are grounds for removal (forgiveness), in which case will remain on their profile as such. Read in full our Strikes Policy Here.

Credits and refunds:

MOBILESTYLES issues refunds in the form of Happy Credit™, which is a balance added to your account for future use. Refunds to the original payment method are granted in case of overpayment or error.

With MOBILESTYLES, you can order services for someone other than yourself. Please note the account holder will be in charge of communication and payment for that booking and will need to make sure the person receiving the service is present and ready for the booking and is aware of the services that will be performed. Children's services must occur in the presence of an adult, and a person with special needs should be in the presence of their caregiver.

Code of conduct:

The Client and PRO need to be respectful to each other and display a professional attitude. They are engaged in a commercial transaction, and therefore, they should treat each other according to professional standards. Any conflicts that arise should be immediately brought to MOBILESTYLES' attention. Any situation that is not secure or safe should be abandoned by either party, and appropriate agencies are to be involved if necessary.

PRO/Client Security and Identification: 

All PROs listed with MOBILESTYLES must undergo a criminal record background check. This background check is performed through licensed third-party MOBILESTYLES uses. The records are not saved or displayed anywhere but are used to validate if the PRO is qualified to do business through MOBILESTYLES. In the case of a PRO’s failed background check, they will be declined to become a PRO. If the user believes this was a record mistake or they have resolved the issue, they may request for MOBILESTYLES to run the background check again, but the user will be charged for the cost of doing so. MOBILESTYLES may refuse to rerun the background check or reconsider the decision.

PROs must also obey the state laws and regulations that legally allow them to perform their services in the state of their serviced area. This means that if their services require a license or certificate, MOBILESTYLES will require a valid one on file, and MOBILESTYLES will perform a verification on the license with the corresponding state board. MOBILESTYLES will remove the PROs for administrative actions on their license or for the license not being up-to-date in our system.

PROs are treated as independent contractors, and in no case are they considered employees of MOBILESTYLES. PROs are responsible for carrying their own professional liability insurance and any other policies and/or bonds that are required or recommended in their state.

PROs are responsible for all the tax obligations in relation to income earned with MOBILESTYLES.

Clients are required to upload a valid government-issued ID. MOBILESTYLES performs a scan of the provided license against the state issuing agency to validate the document.

Clients must also maintain an active method of payment, and the card name must match the account owner's name.

MOBILESTYLES also validates the location of the Client’s booking requests and reserves the right to decline or cancel service at certain locations.

Sharing of personal information or booking the PROs found through MOBILESTYLES outside of the app will:

    • • Affect your reputation as a PRO.
    • • Prevent you from increasing your rating and maximizing your potential via the app through a repetitive and continuous pool of bookings.
    • • This results in a lack of protection in case of disputes and prevent building your trust score for future needs.