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PRO: Appointment Expectations

Preparing for a Successful Appointment With Your Client

PROs, follow these guidelines to ensure you and your client have a successful appointment!

Be Aware of COVID-19 Concerns

Answer all of your client's concerns regarding COVID-19. Make it clear that you care about the client's safety and will be taking the proper precautions to ensure they are comfortable.

Follow State Laws & Regulations

Make sure you're adhering to all state laws and regulations that pertain to sanitation (i.e. single use items ONLY being used once, making sure tools are properly sanitized, etc.).

Prepare for Phone Call Updates

Once you've been booked, make yourself available for a short phone call so we can provide you with any updated information or instructions prior to your appointment.

Arrive to Your Appointment On Time

Always arrive in a timely fashion to your appointment to ensure your client's needs are met. If you think you'll be arriving late, call and let us know beforehand.

Understand Your Client's Expectations

Before arriving, find out where you'll be performing your services (in the kitchen, garage, outside, etc.), and be sure to ask about any accommodations your client may need so you can successfully perform your services.

Prepare, Prepare, Prepare!

Pack all the necessary tools and cleaning supplies needed for the service, including additional tools and supplies in case your client adds extra services into their appointment.

Check Your Internet Connection & App Version

When you arrive at the location, make sure you have a charged device, solid internet connection, and an updated version of the MOBILESTYLES App so you don't run into any connectivity issues mid-appointment.

Maintain Consistent Communication

Maintain an open line of communication with us and your client, in case of any technical issues, changes in availability, questions related to the appointment, COVID-19 symptoms, etc.

Stay in Touch With the Booking Department

Start and end the appointment through the app so we know when you've arrived and completed the services. If necessary, contact the booking department to assist with ending the appointment.

Ensure Payment is Made Through the App

For the safety and security of our clients and PROs, our policy strictly prohibits cash transactions, including tips. PROs are not permitted to ask for any other form of payment outside of the app.

Remember to Take Before & After Photos

Take before and after photos during your appointment to use for your portfolio. Always ask your client for permission first to ensure they're okay with their finished service being showcased online.

Ask for Feedback From Your Clients

Be sure to ask your client for feedback and in-app reviews. Better reviews will give you higher visibility in the MOBILESTYLES App, which can result in more recurring bookings!

Have Fun!

Most importantly, have fun and provide your client with an enjoyable and memorable experience! This will help with your ratings and hopefully create recurring bookings!

Contact Us

Get in touch with our friendly agents!

Our booking department is ready to assist you with anything you might need regarding your account or appointment. Here’s how you can quickly and easily reach us:

Call: (888) 902-0720
Text: (323) 897-1512

Do your absolute best to impress so you can count on recurring bookings with your clients!

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