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Creating a Profile Page is the First Step in Marketing Yourself

Be Your Own Biggest Fan!

Below, we’re providing some of our most valuable suggestions that we believe you should take advantage of when creating your profile page on the MOBILESTYLES App.

Remember, confidence is important when trying to market yourself; so take a big breath, and read below on how to create the perfect PRO profile page that showcases your amazing talents!

Creating the Perfect PRO Profile Page

Complete Your Bio

A great way to connect with clients is to make yourself more relatable. Giving thoughtful, honest answers to the questions provided will give your potential clients a glimpse into who you are, which can help them feel much more comfortable with the idea of you providing services for them.

We all undoubtedly follow a few YouTubers or influencers that we feel like we can relate to based on their personalities and how they speak to their audience. That same energy should be applied toward building your profile page for any potential clients. Show off who you are!

Have a Presentable Portfolio

Your portfolio is going to be just as important as your bio, as it showcases your work to potential clients in an unbiased format. To make sure your portfolio is presentable, try taking photos with a high-quality camera, if possible.

When taking photos, try to get a good variety of different styles/services that you provide so that your potential clients can get an idea of your range. Showcasing more of your work is always a good thing!

Set Your Travel Distance

Make sure you provide in your profile a realistic mileage range for traveling so you don’t have to drive long distances to provide services. Not only will this be burdensome on you as a PRO, but it may also make your clients have to wait longer.

When you provide your travel distance range, it creates a radius of visibility so you’re only shown to clients within that radius.

Make an Accessible Schedule

Many clients prefer to book ahead of time for major events, such as weddings, birthday parties, graduations, etc. Having your schedule posted and available for clients to see is essential in gaining repeat bookings from satisfied customers! Our platform allows all PROs to set their schedules for up to 12 months in advance.

Participate in Promotions

MOBILESTYLES offers promotions that our PROs can take advantage of in order to increase their visibility. Our video promos (interviews, Nationwide PRO Spotlights, tutorials, video shoots, etc.) are all posted on various social media platforms, giving your profile a larger chance of being noticed!

PROs who have partaken in video promos have been known to have an increase in profile views and interest from clients. Be sure to respond promptly when we reach out so you can take advantage of all the benefits!

Be Yourself!

Above all else, don't pretend to be somebody you're not! Being open and honest about who you are is an extremely important part of selling your services, and clients will appreciate you much more for being transparent.

When answering questions or creating a description of yourself for your profile, don't write what you think clients want to hear — write what you truly believe in, and stick to it!

Utilize Your Personal Weblink

All PROs will be given a personalized profile weblink that they can share with potential clients. Make sure you utilize this link on all of your social media accounts where you will be marketing your work. Think of this link as the business card you will be providing to anyone who asks what you do. Use it well, and you’ll be taking on more clients in no time!

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