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Eyeliner Guide for the Perfect Wing

Eyeliner Guide for the Perfect Wing

This eyeliner guide will help you achieve the winged eyeliner look, one of the most glamorous and beautiful makeup trends there is.

Pay attention to this eyeliner guide so that you can apply like a pro! 

But learning how to apply winged eyeliner can be tricky, that’s why the MOBILESTYLES PROs have come up with the best tips for this eyeliner guide to help you achieve the perfect wing!


The Tape Trick

The tape trick is one of the most effective ways of getting a sharp winged eyeliner look- it’s foolproof! If you’re used to applying your face makeup before your eye makeup, it may take a little adjustment as the tape will ruin your face makeup application, so you’ll have to apply your face makeup after you’re done with your eye look! Simply apply a small piece of tape at an upward angle on the outside corner of your eye and follow the tape line with your eyeliner of choice. Remove the tape, and you’ll end up with the perfect mess-free winged eyeliner.

Young woman with hand under chin

Know What Eyeliner Works Best for You

Not all eyeliners are created the same. The three most common types of eyeliner are liquid, gel, and pencil. Knowing what eyeliner will work best for the look you want to achieve will be easiest for you to apply that perfect winged eyeliner every time.

Use Dots or Small Lines to Create Your Winged Eyeliner

Keeping a steady hand and creating a smooth line is one of the hardest things about creating a flawless wing- so forget about that all together until you get more comfortable applying liner. Apply small dots or lines along your lash line and the outside corner of your line and simply connect the dots. You’ll end up with an easy, gorgeous wing!

Crop stylist drawing eyeliner on model eyelid

Use Eyeshadow Instead of Eyeliner

Gels, liquid liners, and pencils can look a little harsh depending on the look you’re going for, not to mention the fact that they’re typically harder to apply. Use an eyeshadow and an angled brush to apply your winged liner for a softer look that can be worn every day. It’s also a great opportunity to practice your lines as it’s less noticeable when you make a mistake.


Use Concealer to Clean Up Your Lines

Mistakes are inevitable, especially when you’re just learning how to apply winged liner. To clean up any mistakes, use a q-tip or a makeup brush with some concealer on it to sharpen your lines and erase mistakes.

Crop woman looking in mirror and applying blush on face

Practice Makes Perfect

Like anything, practice makes perfect. Applying makeup is a skill that takes time, effort, and practice in order to perfect it; and learning how to apply winged liner is no different! Keep practicing and following this eyeliner guide until it becomes second nature to you!



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