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Did You Know Raw Milk is Good for Your Skin Herersquos How

Did You Know Raw Milk is Good for Your Skin? Here’s How!

Milk is not just good for your bones. Raw milk for your skin can nourish and soften, among other benefits. Read on to find out more!

Using raw milk for your skin can have major payoffs for toning, exfoliating, and clearing acne. 

Nowadays, people want ways to help their skin through natural methods. We have all been told since we were kids that milk is great for our bones, but did you know that raw milk for your skin can do wonders?


Keep scrolling to find out how raw milk is beneficial for your skin! 


Washing Your Face

Want to switch up your facial cleanser? Then, you need to try out milk. The lactic acid, which contains alpha hydroxy acid, can help remove old skin cells and oil-soluble impurities as well as stimulate new cell growth. You can lather milk on your face, and then remove it with wet cotton. Once removed, pat dry.


Brighten Your Skin

For years, people have used milk to whiten their skin; however, it will not completely do this. Instead, it can brighten dark spots. Milk sheds pigmented skin cells with lactic acid. Many brightening cosmetics include lactic acid from milk in their products today. However, milk will not turn your skin white.

Treat Acne

While consuming dairy can give you topical acne, milk applied to the skin can help rid your body of these red spots. Studies show that acne spots lack Vitamin D, and we all know that milk is full of this vitamin. Plus, milk can be soothing on painful zits and pimples.

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Since milk is full of lactic acid, it can work as a skin exfoliant to remove dead skin cells. If you are trying to switch to a more gentle exfoliant, give milk a try. Plus, it is significantly cheaper than many exfoliants, and you can use it for other things like cooking or drinking. Remember to only exfoliate your skin a couple of days a week. You do not want to overdo it, or you may get dry and irritated skin.

Treat Sunburns and Skin Inflammation

Sunburns and skin inflammation is painful and uncomfortable, but you can easily treat these areas with milk. Milk can soothe your sunburn with its anti-inflammatory properties. However, do not use whole milk or milk cream, which has fat that can insulate the heat and cause you more pain.

So, skip the expensive products and stick with an item you can find in your refrigerator — raw milk. These were just a few ways that raw milk is great for your skin. 


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