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Should You Get a Pixie Cut for Your Face Shape

Should You Get a Pixie Cut for Your Face Shape?

Although you may have considered it at least once in your life, you may want to rethink getting a pixie cut for your face shape.

Consider how a pixie cut for your face shape may or may not work out!

In this guide, we’ll take a look at whether or not a pixie cut is right for your face shape. From there, you can decide if the popular haircut is right for you. 

If you find out that you could rock a pixie cut, then try it out!



If you have an oval face, then you’re pretty lucky. Basically, any pixie cut will work so beautifully on this face shape. Because it is the evenest shape, there’s no particular pixie cut you need to ask for to look good on you. They all will!



Like round faces, you’ll have to play with styles, lengths, and textures to give the illusion of a flattering hairstyle. For this, opt for a pixie cut with unique lengths or layers.



If you have a heart face shape, you’ll absolutely want to highlight those beautiful cheekbones of yours. Ask your stylist for a longer fringe cut on the sides, but make sure the back stays shorter to keep everything balanced and looking flawlessly chic.


If you have an elongated face, it’s definitely best to focus on a pixie cut that doesn’t have too much volume at the top. Opt for cuts that have fringes to visually cut off the top of your head, making your face appear smaller. If you do end up deciding to do a fringe, you should try to have it reach your eyebrows. If you choose a too short fringe, it can actually work against you by making your face appear even longer.

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When you have a round face, what you’ll want to do is make your face look longer instead of rounder. You can achieve this by keeping the sides short and polished while keeping all of the lengths at the top. You’ll also want to keep the back short as well to keep everything balanced.


We find this face shape to be the most unique because it has so many angles while also remaining slim near the chin. The perfect pixie cut for this face shape would be an asymmetrical one with cute choppy locks.

At the end of the day, it's your face and hair, so do whatever you think feels right. If you think a pixie cut for your face shape is right, we’re there for you! You can always book an appointment with one of our PROs on the MOBILESTYLES App to have an expert come in and really help you get the perfect pixie to flatter your natural face shape. 


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