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Oily Hair Treatment 3 Ways to Fight Greasy Hair

Oily Hair Treatment: 3 Ways to Fight Greasy Hair

Looking for oily hair treatment? Say goodbye to greasy hair! A lot of us deal with the nuisance of having excess oils in our hair, and no one wants that.

Say goodbye to oily hair this summer! Many of us deal with having excess oils in our hair, but we’re here to help you out.

It can leave your hair looking lifeless, flat, and even weirdly wet. Fight that grease with an oily hair treatment.

Some habits you’ve developed over the years may actually be contributing to your oily hair. By paying more attention to the way you treat your hair, you can avoid the need for an oily hair treatment altogether. Read on for some tips and methods to combatting your oily hair. 


1. Dry Shampoo

Sometimes the biggest reason you have oily hair could be because you haven’t washed it in a few days. Your hair has picked up natural oils from your scalp, your hands if you touch it, and even sweat and dirt from your day-to-day life. Using dry shampoo can instantly soak up the oil and get rid of that greasy feeling we all hate. This can also extend time between hair washes, which you’ll be surprised to know can even reduce the amount of oil your hair develops.


2. Wash Your Hair Less

This may come as a total shock, and a little bit counter productive, but reducing how often you wash your hair can actually keep excess oil from your scalp at bay. Sometimes hair products can have unnecessary ingredients in it that may increase the likelihood your hair gets greasier. At first it’ll seem hard, but when your scalp regulates, you’ll notice your hair being less and less greasy.


3. Stop Touching Your Hair

We actually have different types of oils in our fingers compared to our scalps. This means that if we’re constantly playing with our hair, we run the risk of making it extremely oily. Aside from our own natural oils, our fingers are constantly touching things such as greasy foods, our faces, pets, and all kinds of objects. You definitely don’t want to be touching your hair after eating some greasy takeout right?

You may have been dealing with oily hair for a long time, but sometimes it’s really as simple as trying these tricks to instantly see results. Try one of these easy tricks and we guarantee you’ll see a change in the oiliness in your hair without having to drastically change your lifestyle. Which oily hair treatment works best for you? Let us know on the @mobilestylesapp Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter!


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