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Thoughtful Gifts For Nurses Who Make Your World Better

Thoughtful Gifts For Nurses Who Make Your World Better

Our essential workers deserve respect and recognition, especially in light of COVID-19. Find great gifts for nurses for National Nurses Day on May 6th.

Celebrate the nurses who make the world go round!

Show your healthcare besties how much you care by getting them one of these great gifts for nurses.

After the last two years, every nurse deserves to be awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Unless you’re reading this from the Oval Office, you probably aren’t in control of who’s gifted those bad boys. Here at MOBILESTYLES, though, we’ve thought of the next best thing(s). We’ve compiled the best gifts for nurses all in one place.

Be prepared to become the most popular visitor at the hospital after you spread happiness all over the place with these adorable gifts.

Badge Clips

With all the pulling and scanning, their badge clips probably need replacing. Show them you care about the little details by getting them super cute badge clips!

Badge clips


Your front-line workers deserve to boast about all the hard work they do. This pin will make them feel loved and appreciated and serve as a reminder of their strength.

covid 19 waarrior

Fun Drinkware 

Like with any job, there are good days and bad days. Every nurse you know has a fun side. Let them embrace it after their 10-hour work shift with these fun drinkware items. 

two cups

Cellphone Sanitizer

Today’s world revolves around technology–we can’t help it! Nurses aren’t an exception. Give them this cellphone sanitizer to prioritize their well-being and keep their phone germ-free.

cell phone

Stethoscope Carrying Case

Being a nurse is synonymous with multitasking, and with that, being prepared is vital–literally. Give them a fun and cute case where they can access their tools at a moment’s notice. 

nurse kit

Blue-Light Blocking Glasses

Unfortunately, being a nurse means being flooded by paperwork, patients, and more. Give them blue-light blocking glasses to show them you care about their eye health! It’s a great way to quell midday headaches and dry eyes.



Scrubs don’t have to be mundane. With an array of colors and opportunities to liven up their uniform, they’ll truly appreciate you taking the time to get them new scrubs. 

nurse suit


New does, who’s this? Check out the latest Nike line of sneakers for health care workers. The nurse in your life will surely love these. 

nurse shoes

Custom Healthcare Nurse Care Package 

Long hours mean there aren’t enough snacks in the break room. Quench their thirst and hunger with this thoughtful and filling custom nurse care package. 

tea bags

On-Demand Health and Beauty Services Gift Card 

What nurse doesn’t deserve a nice day of relaxation? Give them the gift of convenience and premium beauty services in one! When you send a MOBILESTYLES eGift Card, your loved one will choose from 100s of services from 100s of licensed local PROs with a tap of a button. Give them the day off they’ve always dreamed of full of massages, manicures, and facials!

gift card

Did you snag any of these gifts for nurses in your life? Show us their adorable reactions by tagging @mobilestylesapp on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook.


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