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Clothing Care Labels and What They Mean

Clothing Care Labels and What They Mean

Follow instructions on what clothing care labels mean and keep your clothes looking like new.

Get your pens and paper out — here’s how to read clothing care labels.

Follow this advice on reading clothing care labels to keep your clothes looking brand new for years to come! 

Knowing how to read these labels will put you ahead of your clothing game, since most people simply cut clothing care labels out as soon as they get their new clothes home from the store.


It seems like a laundry list of symbols to identify on these tags-- but trust us-- understanding what most of these symbols mean will ensure your clothes stay looking as intact and fresh as when you first bought them.

Different materials will hold up differently throughout the wash and dry cycle. For example, 100% cotton clothing will often require much less care to wash and dry. However, cotton clothing is prone to shrinking it its dried on too high of a temperature.

Clothing made out of more premium materials, like a cashmere sweater, will often not be able to be washed in a machine cycle at all. Instead, the clothing maker will recommend on the clothing care labels that you take the items for dry cleaning.

A pro tip for making your clothes last as long is possible is to air dry. While items like socks and underwear can go into the normal wash and dry cycle, air drying more delicate clothing items can prevent them from heat damage or color fading due to repeated dry cycles.

For your convenience, we have included a cheat sheet on this page that you can reference when you are reading a clothing care label, so you can better understand how to care for your clothes.

We’d love to hear what you think or how you take care of your clothes. Remember to tag us @mobilestylesapp on your social media feed! Stay safe and charming!


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