After 2020, this year seemed to run smoother– not the best, but manageable. Being a parent in a pandemic brings everything but peace and relaxation. Zen is the last thing on our minds after all those Zoom meetings. We understand how valuable your time is, so we’ve made it easy for you!

Notable health benefits of practicing Zen daily are reduction in anxiety and stress, better sleep and rest periods, immune system improvement, reduction sensitivity to pain, improved blood flow, enhanced mood and behavior, improved posture, and more!

The goal of this practice is to let go of all of the judgment and become aware of sensations and thoughts that manifest and pass by. You can achieve this by focusing on the present moment.

Here is the ultimate way to master the art of Zen daily in just 10 minutes!

Step 1: How to sit 

Sitting upright helps keep awareness. Healthline recommends, to sit facing a wall. If you’re unable to sit in this position, alternatives are: 

  • Sitting upright with one ankle in front of the other

  • Sitting back on your heels with a cushion for support

  • Sitting on a chair or stool with your feet flat on the ground 

 Step 2: Where to place your hands

This is totally up to you, but Healthline recommends:

  • Placing the back of your palms on your thighs

  • Placing your right hand on top of the left hand with your palms facing up, arranging your finger so they’re pointing to the side

  • Placing the small fingers against your lower belly, gently pressing the tips of your thumbs together above the palms of your hand

 Step3: How to breathe

It might seem obvious how you’re supposed to breathe–normal, right? Healthline suggests keeping awareness of each breath as it rises and passes. It’s also recommended to:

  • Feel the breath instead of watching or following it

  • Keep your belly soft and relaxed


With your limited time and tight schedule, it can be challenging to find time to practice this meditative state for longer than 10 minutes, but you owe it to yourself to find some peace and relaxation in your life. We all know nothing will get done without our moms, so take some time and devote some self-care to become the best mom you can be. 

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