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Dry Brittle Winter Hair No More

Dry, Brittle Winter Hair No More!

New York! Mobile Styles is here to help you solve your winter hair problems.

Did you know that New York City is the most populous city in the United States? With an estimated population of 9,000,000 people, is it any wonder that New York is a city that feels alive? While the city is filled with the vibrancy of diverse food, cultures, and nightlife, New York is also known for cold, snowy winters. This means that a lot of New Yorkers need a wide range of serious winter hair care.

Winter takes a toll on your hair. If you grow weary styling your hair in the morning, only to have it messed up when you step outside, you’ll need something to help protect your hair, keeping it sleek and healthy throughout the day.

Mobile Styles is the way! Professional hair care brought directly to you to fix flyaways, add zesty color and give you a trendy hairstyle that works in all types of weather.

Download the Mobile Styles on-demand beauty and health app on any mobile device, and book an appointment with a hairstylist who will alleviate the harsh damage caused by the winter air by using products such as hair primer, hair spray, leave in conditioner and hair shine to keep your hair looking healthy and gorgeous the entire day. Watch your limp, dry, damaged hair thrive and come alive!


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The most common weather-related effects on your hair during the winter months comes from the cold, causing brittle hair and static. Cold, dry air causes the hair cuticles to lift, which can leave your hair looking dry and frizzy, making your lovely locks become unruly. Wind is another negative factor that prevents you from having a healthy head of hair. Exposure to strong wind can create tangles and snags in wavy and curly long hair.

To be certain your hair always receives 100% professional care, put your head in the hands of Mobile Styles hair experts. Not only will you love the pamper and care, but you’ll also love your hair.

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