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Get Ready to Sweat for Your November Workout Challenge

Get Ready to Sweat for Your November Workout Challenge

Don't let the holidays ruin the fitness progress you've worked so hard on. Try out a November workout challenge to stay in shape this winter!

You may want to try a November workout challenge to fight off a turkey tummy.

Whether you want to avoid gaining weight this holiday season or you’re already preparing for that summer body, try a November workout challenge to keep things exciting! Maybe your reward will be an extra side of stuffing?

Here are 5 workout challenges for staying fit this month.

plank plan


Turn your core into a core-nucopia this November by taking a tour of the different types of planks! Planks are great for toning your midsection and the varying versions all help different areas. Not sure what one of the variations are? Check out He + She Eat Clean’s description!



Blast the extra Thanksgiving calories away by hopping on the rowing machine! Rowing is great for a full-body workout and improving overall fitness. See how far you can go with this rowing challenge that gets progressively harder.



Squats are a fundamental exercise incorporated in many workout programs. They’re great for building leg muscles, stabilizing your core, and taking your gluteus to the maximum! Try this hard 30-day squat challenge this November to get the quads of your dreams.



Make working out a little more fun this month with some exercise bingo! Each day this month, pick five exercises in a row to complete your workout. Up the intensity by repeating the same five exercises a couple of times with breaks in between or avoiding that free space!


Upper body sculpt

If you’re ready for a big challenge, try this intense challenge aimed at upper body sculpting — at least it gives us Thanksgiving Day off! Filled with push-ups, dips, and planks, you’re sure to feel the burn. Add 30 to 45 minutes of cardio three times a week if you want to blast fat away!

Bring the holiday fun to fitness by attempting a November workout challenge!

Which challenge are you pumped to try? Tell us on the @mobilestylesapp Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter!


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