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How To Write a Thank You Note Like a Pro

How To Write a Thank You Note Like a Pro

Show your appreciation for your family and friends with this thank you note outline.

Want to keep the positive holiday vibes going? Send a thank you note to those you appreciate.

"Appreciation can make a day, even change a life. Your willingness to put it into words is all that is necessary." – Margaret Cousins

As we continue the season of giving, your loved ones will give you more and more gifts. While you can purchase them a gift as well, you can’t forget about an object that will make a bigger impact — a thank you note. Since writing thank you notes is not a skill we are always taught, we created this outline to help!

Follow this outline to write the perfect “thank you!”


Just like any other letter, you must start with a salutation. For example, “Dear Mallory” or “Hello Mallory.” The salutation lets the reader know the letter is for them as well as the unspoken rule that you are acknowledging them for what they did.

Thank you notes and letters can be any length you would like. The body of your letter will be the bulk of it. It’s the place where you are explaining your thanks. We recommend at least three to five sentences. Start the first sentence by stating your thanks for what the giver did. You can play around with the opening depending on who you are writing to.

Once you have your first sentence down, it’s time to go into a little more detail. From here, you can explain why you are grateful. For example, how the gift helped you, what you’ve already done with it, or what you’re planning on doing with it. This lets the reader know that you acknowledge their gift and it is of use to you.



End your thank you letter by expressing how much you appreciate the person, explaining that you can help them with anything, and adding anything relevant to your relationship.

Always end your letter with some type of closing word or phrase, like “sincerely,” “love,” “best wishes,” etc. After that, sign your name.

Writing a thank you note is not difficult and can be super quick. Plus, people love getting an extra piece of thanks, especially when they are not expecting it. This was just a basic format for you to follow. For more examples and templates, check out The Balance Careers. They have thank you templates for not only personal use but professional use as well.

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