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Retro Fashion Trends That Are Back In Style

Retro Fashion Trends That Are Back In Style

Clothing trends come and go, but some specific looks always come back. Here are six retro fashion trends hitting the shelves again.

Not your grandma’s look anymore.

Back-back-back again — retro fashion trends your closet desperately needs.

Everything eventually comes back in style. We’ve seen it before with graphic tees, baby doll tops, and crop tops. However, now there are even more vintage looks making the runway. If you are a trendsetter, then check out these retro fashion trends that are back in style.

Find your next fave outfit from our curated list!


Costume jewelry

For the past few years, the style world has obsessed over simplistic, realistic jewelry — silver, gold, rose gold, platinum, etc. But now it is time to pull out some of your favorite gems because costume jewelry is back in trend. This year, bold accessories are being spotted with many different looks. If you are a bespoke watch fan, then now is your time to shine because their sales have increased by at least 100%.

Bell-bottom jeans

Goodbye skinny jeans and hello bell-bottom jeans. We thought they died in the ‘70s but low and behold, they are back and better than before. Bell-bottom jeans are great if you need a wardrobe change, especially if you mostly have straight or mom jeans. You also don’t have to get a new top because these jeans work with almost any crop-top or graphic tee.


Micro skirts

Let’s skip the mini skirt phase and head straight into micro skirts. Fashion designers are making hemlines as short as possible, and the general public is eating them up. Many of your favorite fashion brands like Fashion Nova, SHEIN, and Boohoo are already following this trend. While this may be a riskier look, it’s a great choice for spring or summer nights out.

Puff Sleeves

The last we saw of big, puffy sleeves were in the ’80s. However, now they are making their comeback. We are seeing these fun sleeves in crop tops, dresses, jackets, and blazers. A puff sleeve is a great way to volumize a straight look.



As if! We would never leave our closet without this retro staple. Platform shoes are back, and in many cases, bigger than ever. These throwback shoes are perfect for a night out with the girls or even a statement piece for your work look. Just remember to practice walking in them before heading out. Rule number one to platforms is “no broken ankles allowed”!

Low-rise jeans

Channel your inner ‘90s queen this year with low-rise jeans. These jeans are loose and sit right at your hips, making them the perfect comfy jean. Many people are pairing these bottoms with a branded logo that peaks out or a midriff.

Don’t be shy — if you already rock one of these retro fashion trends, we want to see your creative, vintage, and modern looks. Send us a message on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter showing us your style. And, if you are ready to take your fashion look to the next level, book an appointment with one of our hair and makeup PROs to complete the look. Download the MOBILESTYLES App to get started.


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