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Your 5 Most Burning Brow and Microblading Questions Answered

Your 5 Most Burning Brow and Microblading Questions Answered

Brow-obsessed? Us too! Today, we’ll serve the inside skinny on your most pressing brow and microblading questions that have you brimming with curiosity.

Well-acquainted with waxing, plucking and threading brows? Microblading could be the little extra help you need to keep your arches in the right shape! Here, we provide answers to your top five eyebrow and microblading questions, so that you're further in-the-know like a PRO.

Keeping your eyebrow babies in check is a must for women who want a beauty-optimized frame of a face. However, attaining the latter requires getting good answers to your most burning brow and microblading questions so that no in-appointment mistakes are made and you know what you're getting.

Potentially rock a killer set of brows when you read the following Q&A!

To microblade or not to microblade?

Many PROs advocate microblading when your brows have naturally lost a natural shape and form. Your “disrepaired” brows may need a pick-me-up and the semi-permanent treatment is a great solution to breathe life into dilapidated brows. What is it? It’s a beauty tattooing procedure that lasts approximately nine months to a year, which when done right, can beautify your face and overall look. Research is key, however. A bad semi-permanent makeup job can have you wallowing in disapproval, so invest all the time necessary to find the right seasoned MOBILESTYLES PRO to do the job.


When did the fascination start for brows?

It seems that brow gab-’n-talk (and obsessions) have been around in the mainstream for ages. However, the modern quest for the perfect arches can be traced to the public education campaigns undertaken by brow beauty mavens via the A-lister and celebrity-worshiping press. PROs worth their salt — for years — fought hard to beautify society and banish the unsightly, bushy brow. Did you know? According to the PROs, there are two twin major beauty benefits to sculpting your brows — namely, framing the face and enhancing your features, super-sophisticatedly!


I over plucked in the 1980s — what can be done?

Put your tweezers down ladies! And stop plucking for a good, long while. Brow damage is very real and signifies eyebrows that aren’t having the hair grow back. But, you have the option of microblading to rescue your thinned-out brows. If you spring for this treatment, go for someone who really knows what he or she is doing. In other words, be smart, do your research, and go with a highly-recommended PRO who can give you the brow look you crave.

How do I reduce post-microblading redness?

It’s happened to us all — booking a microblading appointment only to face embarrassing post-treatment red-blotchy skin patches. You can avoid or reduce this dreaded effect when you book the appointment for a day that is not within the week before or the week after your menstrual period starts. Your body is uniquely sensitive then — by avoiding a microblading appointment during this time of the month, you also save yourself additional pain during the treatment!


Best tip for at-home brow maintenance?

Brow maintenance after a microblading appointment can be tricky, but practicing with a bit of at-home eyebrow pencil action can get you there. Our PRO tip? Your age plays a factor on where your brow arch sits on your face. The older you are, the slightly further out the arch should be to make you look younger.

Because it takes skill and experience, attaining a set of perfectly defined brows requires you finding the best PRO to work with them. We hope you've loved our answers to your 5 most burning brow and microblading questions above.

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