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Perfectly Imperfect Family Photo Outfit Ideas

Perfectly Imperfect Family Photo Outfit Ideas

When planning your next family photo outfit ideas, remember that you don’t all have to match and posing should be flexible.

Family photo outfit ideas that will stand the test of time.

You know those hilarious recreated childhood family photos? The ones where children are making funny faces — not on purpose, by the way — and then they show the same picture recreated as adults? And then there are the family photo outfit ideas with the quintessential white shirt and jeans, usually set on a beach. Who came up with that?

I would say that these examples are of what “not to do” when planning a family photo session. Sure, those recreated childhood photos are hilarious, but let’s face it, you’re paying a photographer for these, so let’s make sure you get some good photos!

When coming up with outfit ideas, be sure to follow some key rules.

Don’t match. Coordinate.

Let your loved ones pick out their own outfits based on the color scheme that will fit their own unique personality. Neutral colors are always the way to go because they are easier to coordinate as opposed to bright and bold colors. Plus, neutral colors are timeless. You might be questioning your decision-making skills with that hot pink top 20 years from now, even though it was trendy at the time.


Wear fitted clothes

Fitted clothes tend to look better in photos compared to loose-fitting dresses, etc. Just make sure the cut fits every family member’s body type.

Cover up your toes

In general, go with closed-toed shoes for professional photos. In some instances, like on the beach, it might be appropriate to go barefoot, but in general close-toed shoes tend to look better in photos overall.

Don’t go sleeveless

Sleeves, especially for adults, also tend to look better in photos.

Layers, layers, layers

Layering helps if you want a different look for different photos. There won’t be time to change, nor will there likely be a place to change, so layering will help if you can’t decide on wearing that jacket. You can simply remove those layers for a totally different photo.


Accessorize, hunny!

Accessories are tough in family photos. Hats will hide the face and leave a shadow. Scarves can sometimes just be too bulky. Children will end up playing with the accessories and removing them. It is best to avoid accessories as much as possible.

We all want timeless and flawless family photos, but remember that allowing personality to shine through is not a bad thing. Your family portraits do not have to be perfect and really, they shouldn’t be. Don’t worry about the family photo outfit ideas. The photos are meant to be memories capturing a precious, and perfectly imperfect, moment in time.

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