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Weaves What is the Process and What to Expect

Weaves: What is the Process and What to Expect

There are a few different types of weaves you can choose from. Get all the details on how to get the right sew-in weave for you here!


Before we start, I have a confession to make. I have never tried, used, or had weaves before. After further research, the kinds of weaves and its process are very interesting. There are two types of weaves -- sew-in and lace. While sew-in weaves are extensions stitched onto your hair, lace weaves are a piece of hair tied to a sheer lace.

The process of a sew-in is really long and requires assistance. For best results, download Mobile Styles, the on-demand beauty and grooming app, and block 5 to 7 hours of your day. The process starts by getting your real hair cornrowed. Once the cornrows are complete, the stylist will use a needle and thread to sew the hair extensions piece by piece into the cornrows. The sew-in can last for about three months if you wash it once to twice a week. To remove the hair pieces, you will need to book your stylist.

We already know what a lace wig is, but let me tell you about the different kinds that are out in the market. There are frontal lace, full lace, and glueless full lace wigs. Today, we are going to focus on full lace wigs.

A full lace wig is usually real human hair sewn to a sheer lace cap.  This type of wig can be styled in any direction. If you are getting this wig for the first time, I would suggest seeking expert opinion since the process requires glue and other special products to protect the scalp. The first thing you should do is to wash your hair very well and braid it as flat as you can. Apply products to protect your scalp, then place the cap. Before putting the wig, make sure to customize the lace, cutting as close as you can from the hairline. As you can see the process is a little bit complicated and as a few steps that need to be completed by an expert for a natural looking hair.   


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