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Tour de France Cities  Notable Places in France as Seen During the Worlds Most Popular Bike Race

Tour de France Cities – Notable Places in France as Seen During the World's Most Popular Bike Race

See France’s beautiful landscape while viewing the route through some Tour de France cities.

See the beauty of France with this year’s route and the featured Tour de France cities.

Besides the exciting bike race that the Tour de France offers viewers every year, it also offers a chance to see some of the most beautiful sites in a destination known for its incredible countryside, age-old castles, and quaint towns that just beckon you to visit. The Tour de France cities are different every year, and this year, there will be nine new ones! Here are a few of the new cities highlighted in France for 2022.

Watch the race and the hillside views of one of the world’s most picturesque countries.


Located in southwest France, Rocamadour has attracted visitors for its historical monuments and its incredible setting in a gorge by a river. There is a sanctuary for the Blessed Mother located in Rocamadour which attracts pilgrimages from around the world. Rocamadour also happens to be in the heart of a nature park. With a population of only 623, Rocamadour will be a town to seek out while viewing this year’s Tour de France.



Probably the most popular site in Lacapelle-Marival is the castle on the edge of town. The homes in this town are unique and the streets are easy to navigate. Lacapelle-Marival has a small leisure lake which is great for countryside strolls. This town will surely dote magnificent views for Tour de France fans, and you just might be sold on a visit here, as well, very soon.


This hillside commune in France dominates the valleys below and is traced by rivers. You can even view the Pyrenees from Castelnau-Magnoac. With a picture-perfect charming village area, built around a town square, Castelnau-Magnoac has a market and a dominating church with a bell tower. If you love the outdoors, you’ll love to visit Castelnau-Magnoac for the plethora of nature-loving activities. Viewing the landscape of this quaint town during the Tour de France is sure to be a highlight.

If you are looking to visit one of the Tour de France cities, consider one of the new ones that the race will ride through this year. There are so many beautiful locations in France that you won’t have to go far to find your perfect destination. Watching the Tour de France can definitely help to narrow down your favorites, and you can even follow their route for convenience through the magnificent countryside.

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