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Lets Get Physical Low-Impact Workouts for Seniors

Let's Get Physical: Low-Impact Workouts for Seniors

Low-impact workouts for seniors that will help you stay active and healthy.

Exercising is not only for young people! Check out these low-impact workouts for seniors.

Low-impact activities are excellent for raising your heart rate and keeping active while reducing the strain put on your body and joints. Low-impact workouts are appropriate for people who have arthritis, mobility issues, or aches and pains. Here are some suggestions for low-impact workouts for seniors.

Get pumped up by following this list!


Cycling is a wonderful cardio activity that will train your legs. It is a non-weight-bearing exercise that uses a bike to steady your balance and remove weight from your joints. Cycling burns calories, which can help you maintain your weight. It can also get your heart pounding, which can help lower your chance of severe health problems like cancer and heart disease.

Tai chi

Tai chi is a low-impact exercise that moves from stance to pose slowly, increasing your balance, strength, and flexibility. There is no specific equipment or clothes required, but you will need to take lessons to understand the basics before practicing it on your own. Tai chi is ideal for seniors who are overweight or have knee, hip, or ankle discomfort, as it is mild on the joints. Slow motions can gradually increase strength and flexibility in these problem areas while also assisting elders in maintaining a healthy weight. Classes for seniors are available at gyms, community centers, and dedicated tai chi studios.

Water aerobics

Swimming and water aerobics have long been promoted as ideal low-impact workouts — and for good reason. Movement in water supports your joints and gives your muscles resistance. You'll receive a wonderful cardio workout — whether you're having fun in a water aerobics class or swimming laps. If you have arthritis or are healing from an accident, don't be shocked if your doctor recommends swimming.



Pilates is a low-impact workout alternative that is frequently advised by doctors for rehabilitation patients. Pilates is a total-body workout that focuses on muscle stabilization and strengthening, particularly in the core. It can help you build core strength while also reducing back pain and stress. This senior-friendly workout can also help you with your posture, flexibility, and mobility. Pilates serves to increase general strength, which improves joint support and decreases the chance of injury when participating in other everyday activities and sports.

MOBILESTYLES urges you to discover an activity that works for you to keep active and healthy. Try one of the exercises listed above if you're searching for low-impact workouts for seniors that will allow you to get a workout in without putting extra strain on your joints. Plus, if you need additional health help like massages, facials, and more, download our app today to find a health or beauty PRO near you.


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