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Best Childrens Services as Recommended by MOBILESTYLES PROs

Best Children’s Services as Recommended by MOBILESTYLES PROs

Adults are not the only ones who can enjoy health and beauty services. Instead, here are some of the best children’s services your little ones may need.

Look out — here come the best children’s services, perfect for any kid!

While adult beauty and health services are very much needed, we can’t forget about the little ones in our lives — our children. There are a ton of services that they can benefit from. Here are five children’s services you need to check out (and book).

Which one of these services are you booking for your mini-me?


Have you ever cut your child’s hair? It’s not fun, is it? From constantly moving to ticklish ears, we always recommend leaving kids’ haircuts to professionals. Trust us, you don’t want to have to look back on Picture Day photos, only to see lop-sided or uneven hair because you decided to try to snip your little one’s hair. Before booking an appointment, we recommend searching around and reading reviews for the best hairstylist and barber for your kid’s needs.


Nail artists

One of the best things to see at a nail salon is a little kid getting their nails done. That’s why nail work is a great beauty service your kiddo can enjoy with you! Depending on their age, you can do a basic manicure and pedicure, or gel or shellac for older kids. Before any appointment, we recommend asking your children to find a color and design they want to try.


Makeup artists

While it’s not recommended to let your children wear makeup every day, there is nothing wrong with giving them the princess treatment by visiting a makeup artist every once in a while. Whether your little one has a photo shoot to attend, a ball to dance the night away, or just a fun day with mom, your child will have a grand time putting makeup on. Just remember to thoroughly wash their face at the end of the day.

Makeup artists do not only have to be only for girls either! Your little guys can get their makeup done as well, especially during Halloween. Do you have a kiddo who is a makeup expert? We want to see their work! Shoot us their photos on Instagram.


Braid technicians

There are numerous braided hairstyles to choose from, but the best one for your child will depend on their hair type and texture. French braids and Dutch braids are good braided hairstyles for straight hair, whereas cornrows and box braids are protective styles for natural Afro-textured hair. Hair can be styled in a variety of ways after it has been braided, including buns, ponytails, and half-up half-down looks. The best way to get your child’s hair braided, especially if you want cornrows or dreadlocks, is by seeing a technician who focuses on braiding.

Massage therapists

Massages are suitable for people of all ages! Massage therapy benefits children, especially active children, in the same way, it benefits mom and dad! Many professionals, in fact, frequently work with child athletes. Children who suffer from growing pains, such as Osgood Schlotter's disease (knee pain associated with adolescent growth spurts), benefit from regular massages, as well. Craniosacral Therapy is another option that can help infants and babies.

We hope this guide helps you find the right children’s services for your little one. Need help finding the right PRO? Guess what? MOBILESTYLES has a variety of health and beauty PROs that are ready to help with your children’s needs. Plus, our team members will come to you, so you don’t have to worry about wrangling your kids and heading out to the shop! Download the app now:


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