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These Are Every Beauty PROs Makeup Artist Must-Haves

These Are Every Beauty PRO’s Makeup Artist Must-Haves

We’re introducing makeup artist must-haves every beauty PRO needs to have in their purse or backpack.

Never leave home for a gig without these makeup artist must-haves.

As a beauty PRO, we know how busy your schedule can get, especially during the wedding and prom seasons. When you’re working at unique locations with multiple people, you can run out of items quickly. That’s why it is always a good idea to have backups in your purse. Here’s a list of makeup artist must-haves you should always carry around in your purse. Many of these items you can use when you aren’t even on the clock!

Which one of these items do you already carry in your bag?


As a mobile beauty PRO, you may find yourself in many interesting places, some of which do not have mirrors for your clients to look at themselves after you finish their makeup. While they can use their phones, it can cause some color distortion depending on the type of camera (and the age and condition) they have. That’s why you want to carry some type of mirror in your purse.

Makeup wipes or tissues

Mistakes happen, but you always want to be prepared for them, which is why every PRO should carry makeup wipes and tissues in their purse. Plus, this is always a great thing to have in your purse for yourself as well. For smaller mistakes, we recommend carrying some Q-tips and cotton pads.


Hand sanitizer and disinfectant

In this day and age, no one should ever leave the house without hand sanitizer and some type of disinfectant wipe. This is a must, especially if you are working with multiple people in one day or one place (weddings, parties, photoshoots, etc.). This will not only help clients feel more at ease, but also protect you against bacteria and germs.

Liner sharpener

The reason why many makeup artists love pencil eyeliners and lip liners is that they can use the item over and over again on each customer, as long as you sharpen it between each person. However, sharpeners can be so small that you can lose them or misplace them. Therefore, every makeup artist should keep a spare in their purse, especially on days when they are working on multiple clients.

We know that you can’t carry extras of everything, but these makeup artist must-haves are a great start. Are you a makeup artist looking for additional work or a place to organize your bookings and finances? Then you’re in the right place! MOBILESTYLES has your back. By registering and downloading our app, you can become one of our awesome health and beauty PROs.


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