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Traveling for the Holidays Here Are Things to Do on a Plane

Traveling for the Holidays? Here Are Things to Do on a Plane

Do you get bored when flying long distances? Check out our guide on the best things to do on a plane.

Get rid of flight boredom with these things to do on a plane.

Have you booked a long-distance flight for the holidays? Congratulations! You've probably found the best time and fare for a trip to a fantastic, exotic location. A fantasy vacation could take you to an all-inclusive resort in Cancun, a world-renowned theme park in Orlando, or the idyllic beaches of Sri Lanka. Air travel is a fantastic way to spend some quality alone time, and self-care or me-time is essential for happiness. Why? It can improve your concentration and make you more productive because it helps reboot your brain and unwind. So, if you've already purchased your tickets for your dream long-haul flight, keep reading! We've put together a list of things to do on a plane to keep yourself entertained.

Which one of these things do you plan on trying out?

Play games

There are many travel games available nowadays that are ideal for flights. If you're traveling alone, your smartphone — a true pocket-sized portable gaming station — is the obvious choice. Simply remember to browse the apps and download some games in case your flight lacks Wi-Fi. With a simple Google search for "which games to play on a plane," you can begin unscrambling words or racing through mazes in the never-ending world of gaming. When your hands get tired from all the screen swiping, drawing, and writing, you can play a variety of games by simply looking around and speaking. Why not try “I spy with my little eye” or “Who am I?” Chain stories are also entertaining. All of the games listed above require little to no preparation. If you like to plan, you could include a deck of cards or a small magnetic board game set among your basic carry-on necessities (say, chess or checkers).



Reading is a favorite pastime of many flyers. Have you started a great book but are too exhausted to read more than a page? A long flight, on the other hand, is the ideal opportunity to finally read the entire book in one sitting! Magazines are also a popular choice among most passengers. You probably have a stack of these lying around your house, half-read. Why not use the flight to finally read those lengthy articles you've been putting off? The travel guide is another popular read among most passengers. These are usually beautifully illustrated and provide useful recommendations for places to visit, amazing sights to see, and delicious food to try. A travel guide is an excellent way to learn more about the exotic location you are visiting.

Write in a journal

You only need a notebook and a pen this time. You can make a bucket list on your way to your destination. Creative bullet journaling is an excellent method for organizing your expectations and planning your journey. You can make a wish list of places you want to visit with food and activities you want to try. Half the fun of holiday entertainment is researching your options!


Learn a new language

Learning languages is a great mental workout. It keeps you agile and flexible, sharpens your memory, and improves your decision-making abilities. Download a language app like Babbel or Duolingo before your trip. You will get more out of your trip if you can communicate with the locals in their language. They will appreciate your interest in their language and culture, and you will be pleased that you have gained new knowledge. Use the time you'll have on the plane to learn the essential phrases of the country you're visiting.

Wear a face mask

Long-haul flights dehydrate your skin significantly, so I use this as an excuse to pamper myself. If you're traveling on business, they'll provide you with a variety of face products and creams, but if you're traveling on economy, you can simply bring your own face mask. Put it on halfway through your flight (perhaps before you plan to nap) and unwind!


Color in an adult coloring book

Coloring books are a popular pastime for children. They are generally beneficial to young children as they develop fine motor skills. However, they are not only for the kiddos. Adult coloring books with amazingly beautiful original art designs are now available in bookstores. Adults benefit from stress relief and relaxation even more just by coloring.

Organize your photo gallery

While traveling to your destination, a long flight is an excellent opportunity to organize the photos on your phone or laptop. Duplicates can be removed, folders created, and space for new photos made available. When you get home, go through all of your new photos and make some cool collages or animations. These are an excellent way to clear some space and organize your precious memories so that you can easily share them with friends and family. If you're flying on a plane with Wi-Fi, you can even share your holiday collages on social media. You might even get some jealous comments from your coworkers!

That concludes our guide to the best things to do on a plane. If you have any additional suggestions to add to the list, please share them with us and other travelers by contacting us via social media — Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter!


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