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Simple Ways to Say Thank You Last-Minute Teacher Gifts

Simple Ways to Say “Thank You”: Last-Minute Teacher Gifts

Educate yourself on these quick and easy last-minute teacher gifts.

Last-minute teacher gifts they are sure to love!

Teachers are amazing and deserve all of the appreciation in the world, but special occasions, holidays, and the end of the school year can sneak up on us and leave us empty-handed! You don't have to spend a lot of money or time to show your appreciation to the teachers in your life. Continue reading for some quick and easy last-minute teacher gifts!

Get the wrapping paper out!

Homemade cookies

Sweets are always a safe bet. Teachers deserve tasty treats after working long days until the end of the school year! We suggest asking the teacher if they have a favorite or any food allergies before handing over any cookies. Not that great of a baker? No worries, just visit your favorite bakery and get a mix of cookies.

Handwritten note

Many teachers will treasure a note from an adoring parent who is genuinely grateful. A well-thought-out email is also appreciated. Most teachers do not teach for monetary gain, but rather because they genuinely want to teach your children well. Therefore, just hearing your appreciation can mean the world to them.

Target gift card

Target stores are now open late, and we are 99.9% certain that every single teacher enjoys Target! This is a gift that will undoubtedly make a teacher happy! Whether they use it to stock up on school supplies or to treat themselves, it is always a very appreciated gift. Plus, add a personal touch by creating a gift card holder with your child out of scrapbook or construction paper.


Hand sanitizer

Hand sanitizer is widely available, and who doesn't know a single teacher who couldn't benefit from sanitizer in bulk? Especially in this day and age! We like the idea of personalizing the gift with a fun or punny quote. So unique and a true keepsake! You can find some cute ideas on Pinterest or Instagram.

Amazon gift card

Did you know you can buy a gift card from Amazon and have it emailed to the recipient? This is applicable to anyone, regardless of location! Send it directly to the teacher so they can choose their own special something! You can even add a note to the order, like: "Hey teach, treat yo'self!"

These were just a few of the last-minute teacher gifts you can give the educator in your family’s life. Do you have any other ideas? Let us know! Shoot MOBILESTYLES your ideas through social media — Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter.


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