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5 Best Gift Cards to Treat Your Employees With

5 Best Gift Cards to Treat Your Employees With

Every employee deserves to be recognized for a job well done! Check out the best gift cards you can buy to treat your employees.

Every employee deserves to be recognized for a job well done! Successful companies reward their hard-working employees in four important ways: financial, benefits, recognition and appreciation. A great, well-liked way to thank your staff for their contributions and accountability to your business is with gift cards. Gift cards make a wonderful way to show your appreciation because they work for both men and women and they allow the receiver to purchase something near, dear and unique to them.

Here are 5 gift cards you can give your employees!


  • Amazon: Few stores offer the amount of available merchandise as Amazon. From books, music, cosmetics, appliances, fashion, and home goods (to name a few) Amazon offers something for everyone!

  • Visa or Mastercard: Besides cash or a check, a prepaid Visa card or Mastercard is an excellent reward for your employees. These cards can be used for things as luxurious as haute couture clothing to more practical items such as gas and groceries. A custom message such as “Thank You” or “Outstanding Job” can be embossed on the message line.


  • Mobile Styles: Every employee needs a day of rest, relaxation and rejuvenation. The answer? A Mobile Styles gift card. From cosmetic makeovers to massages, barber services to hairstyles, Mobile Styles will allow your staff to let their stress go and be the star of the show! For staff recognition, a Mobile Styles gift card is the best way to go!


  • Regal/AMC/Fandango: Everyone loves to take a few hours of pure enjoyment by slipping into a movie theater, watching an excellent movie and enjoying a big box of popcorn and a Coke. Every employee will use this gift card and come back to work renewed and invigorated.

  • Target: Unleash the shopaholic that lives in every employee. From makeup, athletic equipment, groceries, and jewelry, a Target gift card lets your staff choose a favorite item that will be used, enjoyed and is personal to them!

What better way to keep up staff morale and thank your employees by showing your gratitude and appreciation than with gift cards? A company is only as good as its employees! Give your staff a hand and let them know they’re contributions are appreciated and grand!

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