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Stop Breaking these 6 Social Media Rules

Stop Breaking these 6 Social Media Rules!

Social media is a platform for freedom of speech, but there are some important social media rules you should know before sharing, liking, and posting.


You may not have known this, but there is something called social media etiquette. Never heard of it? No worries. Here are the six rules you should never break while using social media. And no… it’s not just for businesses.

Don’t DM someone that clearly says “No DMs.”

This is very annoying for people who clearly don’t want this kind of attention. Respecting someone’s wishes will always be important, online or off.

Don’t troll people. 


If you wouldn’t want someone to say it to you, then don’t say it to others. This rule has seemingly been forgotten since grade school. Not only is it unnecessary to put someone down, but it’s also downright rude. No one likes a bully. So if you have to think about whether it’s mean or not to say something, then you probably shouldn’t say it.

Don’t overshare. 

No one needs to know all of your business. Leave a little mystery. People tend to confuse oversharing with being “real” or “transparent.” It’s fine to share things about yourself, but they don’t need to know that you walked to work and ate avocado toast on the way. That is unless you’re a chef and you have a recipe to share with everyone.

Don’t be a creep! 

Stalking someone on social media is still stalking. It’s fine to pursue someone on social media. It’s kind of like online dating, but make sure they have the same agenda as you do.

Don’t fight in the comments. 

It’s just immature. You never know who could be scrolling through your page. You don’t want to seem childish or step outside of your character. Stay true to yourself. The best thing about your page is that you control it. If someone is getting out of hand, you can ignore it and delete it.

If you must, make sure your page is work appropriate. 

Trust me, if you’re on social media, you are not untouchable. Your work may be watching. Keep it classy so you can keep your job!

Following these rules will ensure for a drama-free social media existence. Oh… and you’re welcome. You know. About the job thing!


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